I’m trying out Google’s Adsense, the ad program. Not that I’ve written (or write) about anything that’ll fetch me clicks and / or money. (Except for the big ‘Get Firefox’ button on the top — I really want people to start using FireFox.) I just want to know what ads they display and how.

I’ve experimented with them for may be a month or two now. Changed layouts, sizes, colors, etc. This is just for my experimentation. If you think they’re too obtrusive, please point it out and I’ll do something about it.

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  1. >Hmm !!
    The ads below the post doesn’t look good. Even the comments section goes down a lil ‘coz of tht !!
    and FIREFOX Rocks… for sure !! [:)]
    I loved since the day it was launched and since den never returned back to IE !!
    and with its too many extensions, it surely makes browsing/blogging and all other stuff much much much easier. [:)]

  2. >obtrusive or not, many websites going after it; I’m happy with adblock plugins. I still feel it’s always the users choice whether he wants to “see” the ad or not at all. So long as google had text ads it didn’t sound annoying, but they seem to have adopted a change and we’ll be seeing something with a bit of graphics. Then I’d block them too.

  3. >For the most part, I usually ignore all the ads. I have AdBlock with Filterset.g, which blocks all the ads. I don’t even get to see ads on my site! So I have to use some other browser or login to check what ads are showing up when I get to doing some study.

    Samyak: The point of the ads being below the post is exactly that: you actually read it. But I don’t think I have users who would click them or don’t have content that generates clickable ads. :-)

    Beta: Yeah, graphics: I can disable them, but then I feel graphic ads are more clickable than text ones. This whole ad-thing is just an exercise I’m doing in finding out what people think. Of course, doing it on my blog is a wrong way to start in the first place. I think I have a total of 5 readers, out of whom 2 would ignore the ads and 2 would use AdBlock. As for me, I do see them once in a while ;-)

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