2 Replies to “Picture from a recent India-Pak cricket match”

  1. >The cool thing about this match was it was close (whatever insane umpiring decisions went on.) Every program has this “Master Blaster” thing, except this match had a separate Master (Sachin) and a Blaster (Dhoni). Sachin made sure that we didn’t fall like a pack of cards, and Dhoni came for the kill (it could’ve happened either way depending on his batting, but it worked.) They also gave the other ace youngster some batting whom the Pakistani’s hepfully underestimated (Raina) and he played the magnificient left-hander role.

    The cool thing about India is India improved their bowling for the next match and sent pakistan into a downward spiral. Now the last thing left to learn about ODI strategies is to bat first and win. Will India do it?

  2. >Hmm, I missed the match. But I can guess it was fun.

    About winning batting first: our bowlers need discipline and self-confidence. With that, I’m sure we can.

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