I am against reservations

“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime” – Anonymous

This Sunday, (21st of May 2006), Vikram, Bahubali and I were on M. G. Road in Bangalore, out there for some shopping, when we saw a group of people lined up with papers stuck to their chests claiming ‘I am against reservations’. I have a very strong view on the reservations, and so do Vikram and Bahubali. We decided to join. We stood there for about an hour till it got a bit dark. Around 7:15, we were given candles and then we stood with candles in our hands, showing our stand.

I would say it was a success, in the sense that quite a few people noticed us and it truly was a silent rally. No screaming, no lathi-charge. Even the police people deployed there were helpful and they got into talks with some of us, and even they supported our cause!

We rounded off with walking to the Mahatma Gandhi statue. The organizers told us of the plight of students at AIIMS — they’d been rusticated from their colleges and hostels. They had no place to stay or go — just because they voiced their opinions.

Sad, indeed. But the thoughts crossing my mind while I was standing there in the rally was democracy is working in India — this is how the people tell the leaders they elected about what they feel should be done. It’s a different issue that leaders will choose for the people what they think is best for them.

With coalition governments now the norm, agendas of the parties involved are decided before we go to the polls, and we know which party is going to do what in the next five years. This bit about increasing reservations, however, was not on the agenda of the Congress as far as I can remember.

However, I support reservations, but they should only be based on economic considerations. Also, some reservations can be made for rural population.

There are many cases where well-to-do people belong to the OBC or SC/ST or any other class, and inspite of having a good environment to study and get into good colleges, youth from this class are found to exploit exactly these reservations.

In fact, leaders get voted in certain areas, I hear, based on promises made by them that they’ll declare a specific family an OBC family if that family votes for them. (Joint families in India aren’t uncommon and they do have a large vote share.)

My take:
– Support reservations at the primary schooling level. Till the 12th standard. Build more schools.
– Support some reservation for EBCs (Economically backward class) and people from rural area.
– Do not spoon-feed people who’ve already made it past the 12th. They should fend for themselves. If they weren’t good at this level, they won’t be much better off later.
– Reservations (not based on merit) at the post-graduate level (IITs, IIMs, AIIMS) is ridiculous — no way this should be implemented.
– For EBCs, provide monetary support at any level. (Making sure merit is not compromised)
– Remove the concept of castes. In a learned society, no one is inferior or superior. We have to get rid of this. No one should ask for the castes. Unless it’s for things like statistics that identify how a tribe has been evolving, moving around, etc.

21 thoughts on “I am against reservations”

  1. >Read your blog.pitiable.Here is mine http://www.emotionalzombie.blogspot.com/
    “You say, if a student knows a seat is reserved for him he is not going to work towards it. Ask yourself- If a person knows Education is subsidized for his kids, food items are subsidized for him, is he going to work? Isn’t it harming the Economy? Isn’t the highly subsidized education we avail a classic example of social injustice? “

  2. >Initially, I couldn’t understand what you thought was pitiable: my views in the blog, or the state of affairs.

    Read your quote and the blog; got to know it’s the latter. This quote you have against reservations is also nice!

  3. >I am a 1st yr. college student & belong to the SC category. But I am totally AGAINST this reservation system. I recently got admitted to the top college in my state, just because of my caste. And I got less than 100 mks in AIEEE 2011. I feel like being trapped in a web of disgust. All my college mates are toppers (from GEN cat, having great ranks and 90% of them scored >90% in 12th boards, whereas I, just 80%). I think (no, I'm sure) I'm the worst student in the college with the worst rank. I don't understand how will I compete with these toppers for the next 4 yrs…

    Another thing: Why was this caste system started at all in this country? My mates hardly talk to me just because I belong to lower caste. Was it my fault to be born in this community? Would there have been any such situation if there was nothing such as caste? Humans make dirty mistakes, and they themselves suffer due to them.

    1. oh that’s cool that you got a admission by the reservation and also you are against a reservation.
      If you felt shame then why you don’t try this year for admission without help of reservation, ???will You try??? No…
      Dude you got a chance to study in a good college, and if anybody don’t talk to you because of your Cast , They people are very cheap of mind, Ignore it and Concentrate on your study and prove that you are don’t waste your chance of study because there are many of student which are not able to study because of this castism in rural area.
      Many of you student can not complete their education even not till primary education because of Untouchability.

      1. Only economical condition and parent’s education qualification considered for reservation.
        And there should not any caste indicator last name in any document so that anyone can say whatever they like to say about their caste as there is no way to proof of any person’s caste.

        Im obc but feel that life of poor general caste is more tough as all of their caste getting marriage is tough , job tough, education is tough and there is no way to get out from it.
        People what their grand people did to us is now we do with them.
        Well money matters today .
        Also now days only rich people enjoying reservations in this and they are more harmful to poor brothers because they are backed by “reservations + money + resources” and rest are at same position.

        I must support reservations system like in obc by a creamy layer on all whether sc/st or minorities.

        Note application in obc are higher in competition but reservations% is less
        But % of sc/st are very high as compared with competition.

    2. i had a very studious and intelligent friend. She wanted to get into IIT because her father who was a conservative man wouldnt let her study further except if she gets into IIT. She secured good marks and she deserved to get into IIT but she didnt just bcoz she was of general caste. So, her father planned to marry her off, well the boy he had chosen for her was a good one even she liked him. But she chose to marry sc because she didnt want her children to suffer like her so she ran away from her home. That genius girl no one knows where she is.Same thing happened to me I DESERVED AIIMS but just bcoz of quota i didnt get into.BUT iam happy studying in gipmer. So, be happy people suffered more

    3. its good to see u dat u are against the reservation. i’m adding comment when u will be in final year(i think so…) n hope dat, when u will be finding job u will would be selected becoz of ur skill, knowledge not becoz of your caste.ur future generation would learn a good message from u. bst of luck!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Personally, I feel that since God has made us equal, we should not encourage reservation of any kind in our systems – jobs / admissions. Whenever we reserve place for someone on these foolish basis, we are snatching away the rights from deserving candidates.

    1. Hey shankar bhai, aap ki bat sahi he ki bhagvan ke sab ko same hi banaya he to kya reservation nahi hona chahie,
      But aise samaj ke bare me aap kya kahenge jo agar reservation na hota unse kam paisevale logo ko sayad jinda bhi rahene ka Right unse chhin lete,
      Aap reservation hatane ki bat karte ho lekin jo 51% hamare open class valo k liye seat he agar reservation hata diya jayenga to vo bhi nahi milengi, aap 2-4 student ya professional ka example dete ho ki vo log reservation ke karan admission se reh gaye lekin abhi aisa samay chal raha he ki reservation ki vajah se hi vo log sirf 49% tak simit he varna sayad 90% seat vo log hi le jate

      1. par sir sbko unki kabiliyat (ability) k according hi admission milni chahiye seats reserve hoti h to har category ki ho sirf sc st or obc ki hi kyu…

  5. This reservation system should be removed from the country..as one side we are thinking of unity among india and another side we are just dividing indians on the basis of cast…the people should be divided on the basis of effort and dedication towards their goal , not on the basis of cast yes, the preference can be given to handicapped people…..so these are something which disunite the people.

  6. no, this is not correct that your mates are harsh towards you because of your caste but because of the priorities which are given to you by the government. Government is doing this cheap job so that minority group people have more population in our country and who can full up their vote banks. A common man doesn’t know the basic harms of the reservation given in our country. I doesn’t mean that reservation should be stopped but give it to the people in need. They are harsh because they have felt their exploitation. In actual ,they are not the one’s who are being exploited, in this running you are also exploited but have never felt it in actual…….

    1. Yes you are right Mr. Shekhavat that reservation is giving to that people who is really need that ,
      But Now a days reservation become the political issue ,
      They don’t wan’t to change the parameter but want to change the people

  7. Yes, the reservation system must be given only to the needy and to all BC caste people because some take undue advantage of this and get seats in good colleges and the candidates studying well are left behind.
    Even government provides scholarships only to the lower caste students even if they don’t study well while the students of other caste are not provided this facility.

  8. I really appreciate your point of view (of reservation)……. in my opinion, if the practice and system of reservation continues for even a thousand more years, I assure you, there will never be any social equality or unity. Instead, only the rich will become richer and the poor poorer. If this illogical and “anti-social” practice persists then the generations to come will only witness more castism, hatred among communities and this may even lead to a civil war sometime in the future…..

  9. has anything changed in the positive direction since 2006?
    sadly the same reservation system highlights the so called ‘backwardness’ and gives rise to discrimination in classrooms as exemplified by student above and few other cases. none of my own classmates who claim ‘reservation’ are either poorer than what i am or have grown in a less privileged city.

  10. Reservations based on economic criteria seems a very noble and good idea and everyone should support the poor and needy,
    merit should not be compromised, hard work should be rewarded….. But in my humble opinion i think its a little more than who gets more marks and who gets less…..
    and also that brings in a lot of unanswered questions! If reservations are indeed tilted towards economically poor and deserving and based on merit,will a poor gen category boy/girl once after becoming successful in life shed their rituals, traditions,caste become a new person and change their views opinions and prejudices against sc,st, obc etc.Will it end the discriminatory practices and hatred mindset of upper caste population? Will it annihilate caste system as our nations founding fathers dream’t of? Will all the upper caste people open up their minds and hearts to dalits and adivasis and treat them as equal and at par with them socially. Will it usher in a new era of inter-caste/inter-religious marriages and put and end to honor killings, manual scavenging etc. Come on people…! its time to unite and end caste system and everything associated with it. “United we stand divided we fall”

  11. For all the people, who are out there grudging against the Reservation system, please understand one thing. Reservation based on caste is introduced not only to economically up bring but also to ensure they get social equality. As others said it need some changes by also including the economic criteria of all the categories too. This reservation system will exist until the boundaries between caste disappears in all levels. I like to mention a True story that happened to my friend. He is a well educated guy, from a very good family and very rich but he is a SC. He fell for a brahmin girl and asked permission to the girls father for their marriage. The girls father’s Answer shook me. He said “Even if its a Gold slipper, u have to wear it in your feet not on your head”. This is the mentality of most of the people towards dhalits and so called untouchables. So decide for yourself.

    1. hello mr. 1st u should know the reality ok. first of all, there is nothing like lower caste and upper class and secondly it is limited that there is reservation in government jobs but government cross their limits when they made reservation in entrence examinations. there is equal brain in all of us then also. saala bhenchod system

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