I am against reservations

“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime” – Anonymous

This Sunday, (21st of May 2006), Vikram, Bahubali and I were on M. G. Road in Bangalore, out there for some shopping, when we saw a group of people lined up with papers stuck to their chests claiming ‘I am against reservations’. I have a very strong view on the reservations, and so do Vikram and Bahubali. We decided to join. We stood there for about an hour till it got a bit dark. Around 7:15, we were given candles and then we stood with candles in our hands, showing our stand.

I would say it was a success, in the sense that quite a few people noticed us and it truly was a silent rally. No screaming, no lathi-charge. Even the police people deployed there were helpful and they got into talks with some of us, and even they supported our cause!

We rounded off with walking to the Mahatma Gandhi statue. The organizers told us of the plight of students at AIIMS — they’d been rusticated from their colleges and hostels. They had no place to stay or go — just because they voiced their opinions.

Sad, indeed. But the thoughts crossing my mind while I was standing there in the rally was democracy is working in India — this is how the people tell the leaders they elected about what they feel should be done. It’s a different issue that leaders will choose for the people what they think is best for them.

With coalition governments now the norm, agendas of the parties involved are decided before we go to the polls, and we know which party is going to do what in the next five years. This bit about increasing reservations, however, was not on the agenda of the Congress as far as I can remember.

However, I support reservations, but they should only be based on economic considerations. Also, some reservations can be made for rural population.

There are many cases where well-to-do people belong to the OBC or SC/ST or any other class, and inspite of having a good environment to study and get into good colleges, youth from this class are found to exploit exactly these reservations.

In fact, leaders get voted in certain areas, I hear, based on promises made by them that they’ll declare a specific family an OBC family if that family votes for them. (Joint families in India aren’t uncommon and they do have a large vote share.)

My take:
– Support reservations at the primary schooling level. Till the 12th standard. Build more schools.
– Support some reservation for EBCs (Economically backward class) and people from rural area.
– Do not spoon-feed people who’ve already made it past the 12th. They should fend for themselves. If they weren’t good at this level, they won’t be much better off later.
– Reservations (not based on merit) at the post-graduate level (IITs, IIMs, AIIMS) is ridiculous — no way this should be implemented.
– For EBCs, provide monetary support at any level. (Making sure merit is not compromised)
– Remove the concept of castes. In a learned society, no one is inferior or superior. We have to get rid of this. No one should ask for the castes. Unless it’s for things like statistics that identify how a tribe has been evolving, moving around, etc.

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  1. >Read your blog.pitiable.Here is mine http://www.emotionalzombie.blogspot.com/
    “You say, if a student knows a seat is reserved for him he is not going to work towards it. Ask yourself- If a person knows Education is subsidized for his kids, food items are subsidized for him, is he going to work? Isn’t it harming the Economy? Isn’t the highly subsidized education we avail a classic example of social injustice? “

    1. my point of view regarding reservation is must cast basesed reservatio because thousands year ago manu smriti people is devided in 4 cast ie brahmin, kshtriya , vaishy and shudra . And shudra peoples are escaped from the education and primary needs . There was so many restricon on shudra people 1 is restriction to enter in temple 2 is restricted to drink water . So many resons the sc cast is beckward to difer from other cast .becuse they are known as untoucheble people . Dr ambedkar is beloungs to shudra cast . Becuse of cast he was seated out of class and he got study . So i can say that reservation must on cast based thank you

        1. They just need some bullshit excuse to keep this thing going on and on…really they do talk like some tin-headed creatures. Now these people are the one who want to keep Caste-System alive in our country..such an irony!!!

          1. If you really want a change. Abolish caste in India. Instate stringent rules in regards to caste system. Let there be no Caste or Communal Organisations. Let there be no names with castes as tags. Let our next generation not know what caste is. Who is to discriminate if no one knows what their caste is.try to imbibe empathy in the society not hatred. If governments would have done this, you would have seen a better nation by now…

          2. Cast system will be alive if there is descreamination.. you can not change ones thoughts… take cast based reservation and be Happy…… Constitution for every one not for some looser who don’t want to fight so they take reservation to show that they are hendicap… Baggers always do the same things…after 70 years people still don’t want to change… They tells it rights and blame castism…

            1. NO !!!!
              you are wrong Mr. Rishi.
              The people of OBC,SC,ST never want caste system. After being tortured , depressed by so called Upper caste who would want this Caste System !!! And still this discrimination is continued… If you are so much desperate to remove Reservation on the basis of CASTE the why don’t you say to remove Caste System ? …because dont want to be same as SC,ST or OBC . Listen , try to raise your voice against Caste System then all the problems will be resolved.
              And at the last if you are so much educated then stop your friends and people of your community(UPPER CASTE) to use (or say) abusive words for SC,ST,OBC like CHAMAR,BHANGI….
              disgusting word!!!

        2. First and foremost, in all the above cases which you have quoted in your response, is there is caste system existing?
          There is no caste system, and government system is also not dominant.
          Are people demanding that, there shouldn’t be caste based reservation prepared to shred their caste or caste system? Absolutely no.

          You have to visit South Africa to acquire knowledge on real discrimination. Don’t speak with have knowledge.

          You must learn that all the key government posts are occupied by Brahmins only. You take any department, DOS, DAE every department. You find only Brahmins. Do you say there is reservation? Absolutely no. But only Brahmins are in those positions. They don’t share any information to others. By others I mean every other caste. India has a big network of Brahmins who are good at concealing the information from others since ages. They are masterminds of caste system. Successfully fooling all others for their bread and butter.
          How do you expect others to be at par with them when they are good at litigency?

          What if you are born as a Chamar? What will you do to over come this descrimination.?
          Do you think people who think like you at present would come and give a helping hand to you?
          If someone speaks to you in a way you have replied to the other guy, how would you feel?

          The main reason for the suffering many in India is corruption and it is by upper castes. Hope you are wise enough to understand what I am trying to say. In the references do you corruption and exploitation?
          I hope now at least you don’t say that reservation is the only reason for India’s under development.



          1. I agree that corruption is one of the main reason for suffering in india but i strongly condemn that corruption is due to upper castes.corruption has no caste.
            Do u seriously think people from lower castes feel that accepting or giving bribes is against their ethics and say no to it.
            And For your kind information litigency is an individual’s character and u cant attribute it to a particuar caste just because U are against it.I have seen most of the people from lower castes are very good at litigency.I mean sc’s and st’s.
            I have seen them occupying many lands illegaly and they show some god damned law which supports sc’s andst’s.Added to that these polticians support them for their votes and as usual media makes news of them saying that people are violating benifits and blah blah of lower castes.
            From all this i really hope that u understand that CORRUPTION HAS NO CASTE


            AN HONEST INDIAN

          2. sir I think that we are imagining an ideal nation wherein people would be helping each other. And when you move out of the caste system, nobody would be there to notice that how many brahmins there are in what occupation. Then that would actually be helping the national economy and as for the so called other “castes”, employment options will be looked into by the government.

            1. If cast based reservation really exist….then I don’t think, this kind of imaginary world exist… you have not found any help from the government cause of your cast… What you have just your cast.. . Then how can you say castism should be end? …..Nothing will be change not so easly….jaat andolan is just an example….you are girl so you have your own choices… You can change your cast if you marry someone who belongs to a dalit family but we don’t have choices….there is different kind of descreamination like religion and finencial status… You should tell about it

          3. One solution keep all the Category -A govt posts and jobs reserved for all the SC ST’s OBC’s and also 2A 3A category people for the next decade I think that will be an ultimate solution instead of equal opportunity for all.
            How is the idea ??

            And talking about Anti Racism quotes with reference to South Africa let me tell you USA was a country which had Blacks as there slaves for more than 100 yrs after a Civil war in the late 1800’s slavery and discrimination towards Blacks was abolished but I don’t find any reservation system for BLACKS in “U.S of A” nor any special treatment is given to them neither reparations were paid for injustice they faced. So stop criticizing and start thinking.

          4. yes reservation is one of the reason.
            U should know this thing that people of same caste arent the people with same behavior.
            how could u even predict the behavior..
            u should know the voice which is raised is against the protocols and not the people.
            and remember if u r pointing the main cause to corruption, u should know that this is the cause of illiteracy towards the nations welfare which isn’t seen in the people who struggle hard in every aspect to learn and go deep in thing..but people in the category are never 1st as things provided readymade are never long lasting.
            if brahmins acquired the top post then why there isnt any category students acquiring other top post??? why is there any countable examples??? just beacuse if somethings comes to us walking we hardly value it.

          5. There is no ways that you can blame the upper castes for ALL YOUR PROBLEMS . START TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS. Thus nothing but ENVY

          6. Hey there, Ajay Babu k.. thanks for giving an answer that curbs your irrational approach. Well , can you tell me what if your child go on to become a respected designation in any government sector? You will be joyous.!!! But wait, sometimes even knowledge cannot make you see the light. As you say, you too see for South Africa’s history. The point I putting forward is just simple.

            It is , first of all anyone who calls you by any names does that make you one?? And btw bhangi and chamar are words created by us only which were used when one had not had a bath in ages.. well anyone out there fighting for reservations is not any of those words. Now, consider an example.. your child is a government servant at a high post in civil engineering .. he is given work to construct dams, bridges all over the country which are a support to remote areas. And times come when they have to take decisions in horrific times such as Chennai floods or gorakhpur floods. Now your child is entitled and bestowed rights to pass the critical decisions to save life and property . I might add , due to reservations and cutoffs being too low for any govt exam they may be not having the knowledge at all on the issue as it wasn’t necessary for them to study it and realise its importance. I mean no offence to you sir, but suppose hypothetically(which is practical for anyone except you) , if a highway is constructed and you travel on it and due to failures in the construction you meet with an accident and are miraculously saved. The first thing you will do when you get up is – curse the government, curse it’s constructors.. and then you will be square one with assuming govt is not doing anything. The point is govt has employees like your son and many others given reservations and not justifying their duties. You will assume what happens behind closed doors in govt is transparent and blame every other but not the fact that maybe the official was not up to the mark.. go on in every sector and you will find the same.. railways or be anything..

            Every individual has its right to standup and speak for himself , God created every one equal, and equal opportunity is given by God to go out there and fight the demons. I am a youth aged 24 , I oppose those who treat others as bullying by means of not just caste but anything .. it’s not about giving just jobs, well u have no idea after getting into jobs they being treated the same.. so what difference did it make ?? Don’t go to South Africa , instead reach out to people and urge them to get to education which makes them understand for their rights.. or there will be more artificial calamities and you will blame the govt again!!

            On the counterpart, the upper caste (so called) , how are they upper caste? Were they born with four legs or four hands ? The urge is to make people understand that God has given easy life beginnings for you so that others can be helped and raised like they did. It does not mean to treat others disrespectfully. Urge is to make the representatives of various so called castes understand that life is short and you can die the next moment and you have no idea that can really happen!! So the need is that they step up and show others the path to live with love and respect what God has given to you and if you want more then do some hard work for it, prosperity is not a constraint as one day u might be bathing in currency and the next day it can just vanish, the point is you have no control over your future , so just live the moment , learn what you can in your very small life and share the experience with others!!

            That was most simple way I could have described.. I apologise if you think it is not the way u think!! But buddy , think more and share more.. so at the end whenever life ends you can die peacefully thinking you have showed others to lead the way of living!! Cheers! :)

        3. Shashwat,
          Really breaks my heart to read your reply to Yogendra’s opinion.
          everybody is entitled to their opinions, and how respectfully has he considered the above mentioned article and then given his view point.
          Sadly though, what is the use of being educated if you are going to judge a person’s caste only on his grammatical skills or his opinions.
          Totally appreciate your suggestion about reading on slavery of native africans in America, but I would also advise you to go back into our history and read on the torture the dalits had to go through f0r 2500 years and also do a deep research on remote villages through India’s length and breadth. All your answers may lie in your questions. Naturally, for them to come to the same level as the literate, educated class, will require much more time than we think.
          Do not think about cities when we talk about reservation, do deep in.

          1. Dishaji!,

            If you say that something has happened long back and this justifies the injustice being done currently then I m sorry to say that this concept is nothing different than concept of terrorism. They also mind wash people to become terrorists giving similar logics.
            We should make a system which ends casteism. Current system is promoting it.
            I think reservation should exist only on economical condition basis and that too up to a certain level like providing all the required support till education. By support, I mean financial support……

            1. Very very well said Nagendra ji!
              We should just end this caste system rather than promoting it under the cover of equality!!
              It is absurd to quote something from a 1000 year old story to influence something happening in the present world!
              There are many people suffering in the present India due to caste based reservation system. If someone wants to talk about promoting caste base reservations (calling it humanity) in the present world quoting abstractions never seen by us – THAT’S NOT CALLED HUMANITY!!!

          2. Go study about amiracans and africans history after that you will know what slavery was… It was worst then our Indian history… You are talking about 2500 years ago.. Did you really exist on that time. . Had u seen that time situations. . Some bloody haters of some community.. They created our history… This is the reality… What you know… Britrish government always wanted to descreaminate people.. They did… Reservation was exist before independence…..may be what happened in past was right so you want to make us slavery…this is modern era not past…

      1. Are we still treating u like shrudas are we still following untouchability? come on the caste system has got adrastic change in this present world
        i belong to brahim shastry family and i sit beside sc guy and he is my best friend i eat his food and drink water from his bottle and u call it dircrimination how silly!

          1. I sure will! Atleast for reservations!! That’s the present world! The matter doesn’t really end there! lol

        1. That’s good brother. I do same. These people with old minded only say 2500 years ago….blah blah blah. They have revenge in their minds. That’s what the reason general hates reservation due to casteism. I know every caste has its own advantages and disadvantages. but talking on castes is old days stories. This is the reservation that makes partition between us.
          A hindu brahmin(have three friends of SC/STs).

      2. if we are harping on what happened thousands of years ago , lets also harp on what happened just 500 years ago, Mughals persecuted Bramhins @ every corner, so they also need reservations. tipu had his attrocities on Kodagu ppl and Melkote iyengars, so they also need reservations. it does not work. let me firstly tell you. 4 varnas are not birth based they are Karma based. Valmiki, Vishwamitra, Vyasa, Kanakadasa, Purandharadasa , Kabir, Surdas, Meera Bai all were from different Varnas its because of their actions they were under one Varna. Hope you understand. Ravana is not a Kshatriya by birth, he was a Khstriya by action. parashurama is Bramhim by Birth but was not by action, so he is not regarded as a sage. Krishna, Rama all were from different Varnas but they all came to kshatriya by action. So it should be understood that the way of life defines Varna. now a days bramhim by birth is running business, he is not a bramhim , he is a Vysya. if a person goes around teaching people and live on donations then he is a bramhin. all Politicians and Army men are kshatriyas. this is the way it should be looked at. coming to reservations, last 60 years the reservations are given, lakhs have benefitted. now time has come to say “if the previous generation has availed the reservation, next will not get it.” creamy layer as they say should be created. I am not against reservations, but people who are already doing well financially, why should they get reservations? to bring in more clarity, remove the cast and say no reservations at all. education will be free till 12th for all. post that based on Merit get into proffesional courses. if you are in merit and not able to afford the course financially, provide subsidy even free education because he/she deserves it. he may be from any caste or creed. deserving students should get education. NO RESERVATIONS IN JOBS. period. Education provided free till 12th , needy students helped to get graduation. now prove your worth to get a job. why shud you have a red carpet there. if you are eligible and capable you will be able to get thru the competition. Reservations does not bring in equality, it divides people. A person who is not in reservation, will always hate the other category for taking over his place for which he was suited. this will be etched for ever. this can even turn into a internal civil war. there is already a cold war brewing in the minds of people. in order to have a equal society , reservations must go. education is to be Nationalized , make education till 12th birth right of every child. give free education to deserving students who is in boundaries of merit and below specific income category. this is the way forward. if we keep ourselves attached to reservations, we will never grow as a country.

      3. @Yogendra, how many years will you keep saying the same thousand years back old story. It’s not happening now. In ancient days people are not mature enough to understand human feelings and relations. Now a days, many people are not caring about caste. Did anybody ask your caste in a bus or train or in school. except for government calculations nobody asking now a days.

        Caste based reservations nothing but employing unskilled people. so they will work in a same unskilled way.. No proper education in Government schools, because of unskilled teachers.(How will a unskilled teacher who got 40 marks and got the teacher job due to reservations, teach and encourage his students to get 99 marks ?) No proper health system in Govt.Hospitals, majority of unskilled medical workers. Where ever you see in government..corruption, unskilled employees . Reservations are major root cause for corruption in India. If you keep saying the same old story, after few years future generation will say your story that you have used reservations for years and made the country corrupted. Wake up man..Due to globalization, people are waking up all over the world.

      4. Reservations should not be caste based in fact it should be economically based and the situation you are talking about was years ago but right now the scenario have changed and now this reservation should be stopped based on caste. It should come to an end.

      5. Cant we say that because dr ambedkar was a sc he knew about his caste standard and also that without reservation his caste dont have the’औकाद’to fight general people on equal basis? thays why he gave sc ,st,obc reservation?

      6. if this is so then again the history will repeat…
        just to avoid that reservation should be stopped
        based on the caste

      7. But today everyone is equal and there are many people also who are not belonging to sc st or obc but they are poor. And when they goes to a collage entrance then they faces the reservations rule or
        high cut off for general.

  2. >Initially, I couldn’t understand what you thought was pitiable: my views in the blog, or the state of affairs.

    Read your quote and the blog; got to know it’s the latter. This quote you have against reservations is also nice!

  3. >I am a 1st yr. college student & belong to the SC category. But I am totally AGAINST this reservation system. I recently got admitted to the top college in my state, just because of my caste. And I got less than 100 mks in AIEEE 2011. I feel like being trapped in a web of disgust. All my college mates are toppers (from GEN cat, having great ranks and 90% of them scored >90% in 12th boards, whereas I, just 80%). I think (no, I'm sure) I'm the worst student in the college with the worst rank. I don't understand how will I compete with these toppers for the next 4 yrs…

    Another thing: Why was this caste system started at all in this country? My mates hardly talk to me just because I belong to lower caste. Was it my fault to be born in this community? Would there have been any such situation if there was nothing such as caste? Humans make dirty mistakes, and they themselves suffer due to them.

    1. oh that’s cool that you got a admission by the reservation and also you are against a reservation.
      If you felt shame then why you don’t try this year for admission without help of reservation, ???will You try??? No…
      Dude you got a chance to study in a good college, and if anybody don’t talk to you because of your Cast , They people are very cheap of mind, Ignore it and Concentrate on your study and prove that you are don’t waste your chance of study because there are many of student which are not able to study because of this castism in rural area.
      Many of you student can not complete their education even not till primary education because of Untouchability.

      1. Only economical condition and parent’s education qualification considered for reservation.
        And there should not any caste indicator last name in any document so that anyone can say whatever they like to say about their caste as there is no way to proof of any person’s caste.

        Im obc but feel that life of poor general caste is more tough as all of their caste getting marriage is tough , job tough, education is tough and there is no way to get out from it.
        People what their grand people did to us is now we do with them.
        Well money matters today .
        Also now days only rich people enjoying reservations in this and they are more harmful to poor brothers because they are backed by “reservations + money + resources” and rest are at same position.

        I must support reservations system like in obc by a creamy layer on all whether sc/st or minorities.

        Note application in obc are higher in competition but reservations% is less
        But % of sc/st are very high as compared with competition.

    2. i had a very studious and intelligent friend. She wanted to get into IIT because her father who was a conservative man wouldnt let her study further except if she gets into IIT. She secured good marks and she deserved to get into IIT but she didnt just bcoz she was of general caste. So, her father planned to marry her off, well the boy he had chosen for her was a good one even she liked him. But she chose to marry sc because she didnt want her children to suffer like her so she ran away from her home. That genius girl no one knows where she is.Same thing happened to me I DESERVED AIIMS but just bcoz of quota i didnt get into.BUT iam happy studying in gipmer. So, be happy people suffered more

    3. its good to see u dat u are against the reservation. i’m adding comment when u will be in final year(i think so…) n hope dat, when u will be finding job u will would be selected becoz of ur skill, knowledge not becoz of your caste.ur future generation would learn a good message from u. bst of luck!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Dear anonymous. I am glad that you are against this reservation system despite being in a reserved category.
      Now to answer the question you put forward that it was not choice or fault to be born in the given community. No one can do anything with birth process. You said your mates talk to you very less and you feel backward while studying with the toppers. So then why didn’t you opted for a general category rank where you will be placed with equal minded same ability students as of your level in a college. While this ruins you from inside the toppers wont talk with you as they know you are not eligible for the position you are holding now. They will discriminate with reserved people as during the admission process reservation discriminated with them.
      If there needs to be any reservation be it on economic basis as no one now believe in untouchability n all those craps

    5. your marks is lesser than your mates ,what”s that ? marks is taken to eliminate candidates among many to select a few. what marks you have secured is not bad as you have grown up in the society facing so many disabilities from the time immemorial. your mates are placed thousands generation advance at the juncture . I think your knowledge on our religion based on inequality , manusanhita sloke , how mk gandhi cheated on sc st and obc with puna pact 1932 , can remove your wrong notion and make you confidant .you please read the famous book
      THE LIFE AND MISSION OF DR BR AMBEDKAR BY Dhananjoy Keer available at mahabodhi book agency college square kolkata , and take a bengali book written by prof j biswas Manabatar Aklanta Joddhya Dr BR Ambedkar
      on contacting mob no 9477111197 by post

    6. They hate you not because because of ur caste, but for the injustice govt is doing with them by gifting you that seat in much less marks than they scored by doing hard work like anything.

    7. Caste started with professions only. But over the period, as people are doing same profession for centuries, it became like a caste. In olden days, people are not aware of science and technology in a mature way. no regulations, many wars and kings, they just made things how they liked. its not their problem. they are not just knowledge enough to understand. Then the things were like that.

      In the same way.. if you born after 1000 years, and if you could check back the the history, you might feel you were not mature enough at that time. Now a days common public not caring about caste..only politicians using for votes.

  4. Personally, I feel that since God has made us equal, we should not encourage reservation of any kind in our systems – jobs / admissions. Whenever we reserve place for someone on these foolish basis, we are snatching away the rights from deserving candidates.

    1. Hey shankar bhai, aap ki bat sahi he ki bhagvan ke sab ko same hi banaya he to kya reservation nahi hona chahie,
      But aise samaj ke bare me aap kya kahenge jo agar reservation na hota unse kam paisevale logo ko sayad jinda bhi rahene ka Right unse chhin lete,
      Aap reservation hatane ki bat karte ho lekin jo 51% hamare open class valo k liye seat he agar reservation hata diya jayenga to vo bhi nahi milengi, aap 2-4 student ya professional ka example dete ho ki vo log reservation ke karan admission se reh gaye lekin abhi aisa samay chal raha he ki reservation ki vajah se hi vo log sirf 49% tak simit he varna sayad 90% seat vo log hi le jate

      1. par sir sbko unki kabiliyat (ability) k according hi admission milni chahiye seats reserve hoti h to har category ki ho sirf sc st or obc ki hi kyu…

      2. Dear rahul bose aap sahi kh rhe ho agr reservation hta dia to vo log zyada seats le jayenge. Bt ye to achi baat hai kyunki unhe sbke saath equally compete krke seat paani hogi. Agr reservation lga rhta hai to vo log km mhnt krke bhi seat le jate hai. Fir baad me to naukri ke tym phans jayenge na. Kyunki utni pdhai me mhnt hi nhi ki

        1. Ye Sab sach nahi hai.. Maine SBI clerk ke 2 candidate ase dekhe .. SC wale ko 70 marks mile aur OBC wale ko 121 marks.. SC wala select hua .. Use job mili.. OBC wala zak marta raha .. An kya kahenge… Reservation band karna chahiye.. Sab ko saman Hak milana chahiye..

      3. To aap kya chahte ho ki seat kabi liyat ke bal par nhi in bullshit baato ke bal par milni chahiyee ki bho sc ya st ya obc ka hai dude mai bhi obc caste ka hu par mai nhi maanta ki hume uch nich rakhni chahiye. Mai manta hu ki sc,st ke ghar ki kam money strength hoti hai to jo jo form ya fees free hai usse rehne do govt form free rehne do school colleege ki fee mai reservation rehne do par dude marks ke bal par reeservation this is bullshit ye nhi hota ki aap ke hissab se Sc ya sc valoo ka mind hota hai sab achee mind bale hai so let face man to man and if not dont talk and increase your knowlede and se ur neighbour who is general kya problem hai usee..

      4. Mr.rahul bose agar 90% seat le bhi jaate toh isme galat kya hai.wo deserving h isliye le jaate.ye reservation ki bhikh kyu.backward classes ko free education,maximum opportunities milni chahiye par ek competition fair hi hona chahiye.kabi suna h kya ke murder kisi k father ne kia or saza bachho ko mil rahi hai.?? Reservation is bullshit.na seats bikne chahiye or na hi reservation hona chahiye.koi b chiz usi ko milni chahiye jo uska haqdaar ho chahe wo st,sc ,obc ,general koi b ho.competition me reservation sirf ek bhikh h.!!!! India should be a nation of deserved not reserved.

      5. Dear Friend.
        Of course I support reservation but on one condition: If I am unwell (whether fever, cold or Bypass surgery; I should be treated by a good doctor and not by a doctor who has passed thru reservation). I support reservation doctor, but I don’t want to take his treatment, let somebody else pay with his life.

        I support reservation engineer on condition: that my town, streets, roads, drainages, telecommunication lines should be designed and executed by a good engineer and not a reservation engineer. Let somebody else take services of reservation engineer.

        I support reservation engineer on condition: that my apartment, house should be constructed by a good engineer and not a reservation engineer. Let somebody else take services of reservation engineer.

        I support reservation clerk on condition : that my legal and other papers, accounts, banks, should be handled by a good capable clerk, and not a reservation clear. Let somebody else take services of reservation clerk.

        I support reservation as a whole, but I don’t want to pay the price for it. Let some body else pay for it.

        This is how all our politicians support reservation, as they never pay for it.

    2. my first question is who is deserving any how a follish general guy or a meritious sc/st guy first tell me that

      1. आज देश दुनिया के कई देशों से पीछे है|
        इसका कारण है केवल एक और वो है रिज़र्वेशन |

        दुनिया मैं 100 मैं से 75 नंबर का मतलब एक ही है भारत को छोड़ के|
        भारत मैं 75 नंबर जनरल के लिए डूब मरने का विषय OBC के लिए एक मजबूत चुनौती और SC/ST के लिए गर्व का कारण क्यों की इन अंको से SC/ST AIIMS/IIT या IAS/IPS बन जाएगा और OBC इन अंको से CPMT/AIEEE या PCS/PO etc बन जाएगा पर General के लिए तो शायद प्राइमरी का टीचर बनाना भी मुस्किल है|

      2. Mr. Purty,
        Your remark is pointless. Of course a meritorious candidate is eligible, no matter what caste.

        P.S:- Missing you in IAR page on fb.

      3. Mr.arjun a meritorious student whether it be of general caste or st /sc is deserving.we have seen in results of different competitive exams ke foolish kaun hai :D whatever u r saying is ridiculous.dont lie to yourself…once check ur comments ,rethink,u r making fun of urself

  5. This reservation system should be removed from the country..as one side we are thinking of unity among india and another side we are just dividing indians on the basis of cast…the people should be divided on the basis of effort and dedication towards their goal , not on the basis of cast yes, the preference can be given to handicapped people…..so these are something which disunite the people.

  6. no, this is not correct that your mates are harsh towards you because of your caste but because of the priorities which are given to you by the government. Government is doing this cheap job so that minority group people have more population in our country and who can full up their vote banks. A common man doesn’t know the basic harms of the reservation given in our country. I doesn’t mean that reservation should be stopped but give it to the people in need. They are harsh because they have felt their exploitation. In actual ,they are not the one’s who are being exploited, in this running you are also exploited but have never felt it in actual…….

    1. Yes you are right Mr. Shekhavat that reservation is giving to that people who is really need that ,
      But Now a days reservation become the political issue ,
      They don’t wan’t to change the parameter but want to change the people

      1. All brahmin taking the benefit of reservation for the long time..they make fake certificate n shows they r sc n take the benefit n advantages, but many sc people dont know abt this because they r not aware of it n they r less educated than brahmin..how shamefull one side they made the category n divided the hindu religion into caste system n the other side they grabbing their right whch government hv provided them..

        1. @Rimpa Well said.. one side we are thinking of unity among india and another side we are just dividing indians on the basis of cast. There is no unity in India. we have classifications such as reserved people and open categories.

  7. Yes, the reservation system must be given only to the needy and to all BC caste people because some take undue advantage of this and get seats in good colleges and the candidates studying well are left behind.
    Even government provides scholarships only to the lower caste students even if they don’t study well while the students of other caste are not provided this facility.

  8. I really appreciate your point of view (of reservation)……. in my opinion, if the practice and system of reservation continues for even a thousand more years, I assure you, there will never be any social equality or unity. Instead, only the rich will become richer and the poor poorer. If this illogical and “anti-social” practice persists then the generations to come will only witness more castism, hatred among communities and this may even lead to a civil war sometime in the future…..

    1. This reservations system has caused a lot of injustice to all the casts. Even if a student belonging to a lower caste scores himself a seat in a reputated college with his own dilligence people would say that he has got that seat using his caste. therefore that would definately inflict his morale.what is the use of all this talk . we know that never in these thousand years these blood sucking politicians will not let the reservations be scrapped.

    2. @satavisha mohapatra, You are right..Reservations will create Rich and Poor only. otherwise why a reservation group guy taking reservation for his son, his wife , his daughter, his grandchildren and keep goes ….. Why not they give that chance of using reservation for other backward guy in the same caste ?

  9. has anything changed in the positive direction since 2006?
    sadly the same reservation system highlights the so called ‘backwardness’ and gives rise to discrimination in classrooms as exemplified by student above and few other cases. none of my own classmates who claim ‘reservation’ are either poorer than what i am or have grown in a less privileged city.

    1. U r right tanya.reservations doesnt make any sense.it should be given only to needy irrespective of caste.but the poor polticians can do anything for their vote bank.we should not only protest reservation on social sites or blogs bt also make every possible effort to bann it.general category people dont unite for this correct cause and this is the reason that many general category poor students r committing suicides.!!!!

  10. Reservations based on economic criteria seems a very noble and good idea and everyone should support the poor and needy,
    merit should not be compromised, hard work should be rewarded….. But in my humble opinion i think its a little more than who gets more marks and who gets less…..
    and also that brings in a lot of unanswered questions! If reservations are indeed tilted towards economically poor and deserving and based on merit,will a poor gen category boy/girl once after becoming successful in life shed their rituals, traditions,caste become a new person and change their views opinions and prejudices against sc,st, obc etc.Will it end the discriminatory practices and hatred mindset of upper caste population? Will it annihilate caste system as our nations founding fathers dream’t of? Will all the upper caste people open up their minds and hearts to dalits and adivasis and treat them as equal and at par with them socially. Will it usher in a new era of inter-caste/inter-religious marriages and put and end to honor killings, manual scavenging etc. Come on people…! its time to unite and end caste system and everything associated with it. “United we stand divided we fall”

  11. For all the people, who are out there grudging against the Reservation system, please understand one thing. Reservation based on caste is introduced not only to economically up bring but also to ensure they get social equality. As others said it need some changes by also including the economic criteria of all the categories too. This reservation system will exist until the boundaries between caste disappears in all levels. I like to mention a True story that happened to my friend. He is a well educated guy, from a very good family and very rich but he is a SC. He fell for a brahmin girl and asked permission to the girls father for their marriage. The girls father’s Answer shook me. He said “Even if its a Gold slipper, u have to wear it in your feet not on your head”. This is the mentality of most of the people towards dhalits and so called untouchables. So decide for yourself.

    1. I totally agree with u satish. Bt just answer me one thing. The richess and the well education he got. Does it come by getting admission into college through reserved quota or general quota.

  12. Do you know what was the condition of this country when there was no reservation?
    You may say that there is new generation now with good thoughts and all, but humans are humans.
    That time too, there was no reservation but was there equality? If one thinks that ending of reservation will end up unequality and castism, then he/she is surely wrong.Removing reservation system from country can not change the mentality of billions of people, as surnames are seen first before the first names. Even now discrimination has not ended if you want to feel the intensity of discrimination then please try this thing. MEET WITH PEOPLE WHOM YOU DONT KNOW, AND TELL THEM YOUR NAME WITH A SURNAME OF ANY OF CASTE FROM SC/ST CATEGORY AND FEEL THE POWER OF DISCRIMINATION. NOTE THAT EVEN IF YOU WILL SAY THEM THAT YOU ARE NOT IN A GOOD COLLEGE ( As compared to them,it means you haven’t comminted the crime of using the advantage of reservation) NOW ALSO WITHOUT ANY RESERVATION THING THEY WILL NOT TREAT YOU AS A NORMAL HUMAN BEING.IT’S TRUE YOU CAN APPLY IT ANYWHERE ACROSS THE COUNTRY. THE PROBABLITY OF IT’S FAILOUR IS VERY LESS.
    And one more thing, People say why do some people belonging to sc/st category and with a good life style use reservation? And some people of general category who could be considered poor and not economically and socially capable,are not given advantage of reservation.
    So, Many years ago resrvation to sc / st category was given so that they could get upliftment. They were not bybirth weak and not capable. They were made so. They were not weak or untouchables because they did something wrong. They neighter commintted any mistake, and actually they did nothing. God decided them to be like that. So, as they were dicriminated and depirived of many rights without there mistakes, they were given the reservation.
    At the same time the bad condition of a general category family is not because they were discriminated and all but because they made themselves like this..they were born good with everything and even the they came in a bad condition,it’s there mistake. So, they nave to face it.

    Now If you feel deeply that what was the misktake of dalits? Nothing they were bullied of doing nothing. They were deprived of there rights not given salary of there work and all. So if there was no reason of there discrimination….HOW CAN YOU ALL STAND UP AND SAY THAT WHY SC/ST CAPABLES ARE TAKING RESERVATION? Because god wants this to happen..TIT FOR TAT… Dalits are given advantage of the hardwork that was done by their ancestors and rest are getting the result of what there ancestord did.. So there no point of asking this ques now..It’s Nature It’s god ..Who is the only impartial. Thats the truth.

    1. Yes AV this is genral category person’s fault as he was not able to handle his position. But you know what the scenario has changed from what was there in 1950’s. Now the reserved category person who are rich use the reservation in wrong way. The real poor reserved candidate is deprived of his rights.
      And forefathers good and bad should not be considere in today’s scenario. Let say your dad did a wrong thing.so do u want the society to treat u wrong also for the sin committd by someone else.

      1. Tanmoy,
        Brother it doesnt matter that whether i want my society to treat me wrong or not. What i am making a point is,that I cant stop the society for whatever they are doing. They will do what they want. I dont have a choice either. If my father has done something wrong,then practically speaking society will say wrong things to me. Its true and natural thing that will happen. Nobody wants to get wrongly treated,if he/she hadn’t comminted something wrong. We dont chose that whether we want to get bullied by the society or not, it happens on it’s own. And thats Nature and thats something beyind our control. But i truely beleive that if some guy is mistreatened of doing nothing, then one day god will definitely do smthing which will do justice.

      2. And the poor who truely deserve to get the advantage of reservation are getting it. And as i mentioned in my first comment that who was responsible for the downfall of gen cat family and whether they should take advantage of reservation or not.
        So, the truely deserving people are getting reservation.
        And, one more thing, As i said god can’t be partial with someone or some comunity. So, he must not give birth to all the talent deficient people in backward cat like SC/ST. So, there are some talented people who belong to this category who can do good not only in education field but also in Sports, Drama, Singing, Buisness,Acting and all. But the truth says that in India i can’t name any person who excelled in these fields and who belonged to these catgories. Why? God made us all equal. Then,why? There is no reservation there, then why? Then why even after approx 70 years of independence we are not able see 70 people who made there name in other arenas except studies and who belonged to backward category. Very few, very very few people are there who are at a good position in these field.
        So can we say that except studies, in all other fields general category people are getting reservation. Because the selection committee itself has all the general cat people. It’s true it happens.. If you know some people belonging to sc st cat and being good in these fields, then please tell there names to me. I would love to listen there names.

    2. Very well said AV ..I totally got impressed by your views towards reservation system & caste system and on other aspects too. Your writing skills really have power. I used to had views like reservation should be based on economic criteria …but after reading your blog I totally got convinced and one extremely most important thing is that reservation is kind of punishment given to upper caste people who have been exploiting us for more than thousands of year .They deserve it .Before reservation they were privileged but now when our time have come to get privileged ..inhe problem hoti h. Even JAIN religion thinks that we were discriminated because of our KARAMS (DOINGS) in the last birth. Totally blindness in the religions .Some people even ask about their caste first and name after. This is the realty of young Indians who are said to be the true wealth of an country. And these things are happening today in our great institutions like Hindu college of DU. In the end all I will say is that reservation is kind of thing for the upliftment of our society ..and it should go on until we are like the upper castes too in terms of wealth, Education, jobs, sports and so on. AK.

        1. Dear AV I want to clear one more thing and that is we don’t need equality what we need is justice and We are getting it right now in the form of reservation.

      1. Reservation is diving India ,there should be social equality and unity. I am totally against reservations and if reservations are given then it should be on the basis of economic conidition not on what ur ancestors caste was. I myself is a victim of the so called reservation system of India. Around 50% reservations for obc,sc/st in colleges ,educational field and jobs are depriving meritious and hardworking general students like me of opportunities .take an example of myself I scored 93.8 % in 12 th boards but my friend who was obc scored 74%and another friend sc scored 63 % got admission in mbbs where as I who is deserving to get seat in mbbs got seat in bds(dental).
        They study in same school as me and go to same coaching class as me and lived in large house but did not study much ,didn’t attend classes and never took medical examination seriously where as I was so much dedicated ,sincere and really wanted to become a doctor lost seat to non deserving candidates.
        Let’s take example of iit also there is a lot of reservation ,once they (obc,sc,st)can get admission in iit with less marks but cant cope with the work load and studies of these institutes and eventually have to drop out of it.recently hrd minister smriti irani told about 5000 students left/ dropped out of iit and according to statistics 90% were obc,sc,st. IIT Rourkee expelled 72 2nd yr students for scoring low grades ,most of them are sc,st.
        In gujarat majority r patel so how can Patels demand minority /obc status . Most of the Patel are socially ,econimacally and culturally advanced, lives in big house and belong to well to do families living in abroad . There demand is unjustified. In Gujarat the maximum people has surname Patel and in India it is the second most year surname so how can they come in minority???? obc’ s ,sc,st only want the benefits of reservation .what about general people soon a day would come when general would become minority and these obc,sc,ct would be majority in India
        If we want to see united India then reservations hav to end reservation system

      2. Woww That’s good to hear that god is punishing us. You the kind of people like you who are still doing same thing like your ancestors done. That is why 80% SC/ST are live same as 2500 years ago.

    3. So mr.av just answer me one thng if u commit a murder …ur son should be punished?? Right??watever u r saying doesnt make sense.i dont practice untouchability and never let others do that.give d backward class free education,opportunities and equality everywhere.bt its nowhere justified that a non deserving candidate kills d right a hard working deserving candidate.chahe wo deserving candidate st,sc ,obc ,general….koi b ho !!!

      1. Just imagine being a murderer’s son.. Dont just say, imagine that u are that person..now think.. Is it a great feeling.. How will people react with you.. How your social life would be..i am talking about the thing that actually happens.. No theorotical things. So, the point that lies here is..if ur father has done somthing no matter good or bad.. U will be affected from it.. And it’s somthing beyond your control.. Each thing going around you in either situation will make you feel either good or bad… So we dont make choices in these situations.. Everything just happens.. It is that devine thing i am talking about.. And just see….
        whats happening…lets assume that i am a person from backward community and u are from a advanced one, Neither i am making your life difficult,nor i am cheating over you, I even dont know you i am not saying anything to you , i am not making you feel bad , i am not exploiting you discriminating you but I a way it’s happening to you without my actions.. It’s natural. You are feeling exploited, feeling that sm people are getting better thing than me without much hardwork and being depressed within.. It’s not because of me.. It’s all because of someone who is lord.. The universe works according to his choice and whatever happens is due to his wish.. So you all may shout that remove reservation and all but each thing happening in this world is due to his wish.

        And i just want to ask u a ques now.. What about the discrimination that my ancestors faced….who will just pay for the pain they beared.. Who will be caught in jails… They were discriminated and nobody was caught.. No body was beaten ..nothing happend.. I a crime happens then one day when criminal is caught he is jailed or hung… Be in our case you all are saying forget about the crime these are all bullshits , we dont care about the people who witnessed the crime these are all old things ..just now make everyone equal on the basis of merit… Not socially as social equality is not linked with reservation it is about our mentality.. If u want to remove reservation why not first Inequality and discrimination be removed.i am not saying that u do discrimnation , m nt pointing to smone..what i know is it just happens and is happening now also..
        First of all i want that Justice should me done of what my ancestors faced.. Who will pay for their pain..i just dont know who will.. But what i know is god is the only impartial who will do all good.

    4. what a rubbish go any where and experience your own bullshit idea you will got realized that nobody have time to care for your cast . come to Gujarat people won’t ask your religion also and start working with you . this is the truth of emerged India. you had mentioned that it is for up bringing of status and representation of cast , i must say if in 70 years you are not able to up lift your self than u can’t till earth last .

  13. Hindu (body) four community: brahmin (head) kshatriya (arm) vaishya (belly) shudra (feet) All these four community called as hindu. We all are parts of one body. Without each part our body is not complete. If we lost one part of our body then we become handicap. The human body is the entire structure of a human being. Human Body is considered so loving that God even wants to have it. Spiritual Yogis have found that after going through the 84 millions species this souls get the most dignified human body. So it is the last step to explore the God or to get the view of almighty father god. We know that the soul never dies it takes birth again and again just like as we take new clothes to wear the soul as it takes new body and it is an infinite process. But the body what we get in next birth depend on our karma that thas been cited in Gita by Lord Krishna to Arjuna. We all here to perform our duties. Our action makes our destiny and nothing else. The result is in the hand of supreme power. Karma is the seed of plant and if the seed is genuine it must be fruitful.

  14. Many a time, man has taken birth in high caste and low caste; but this does not make him great or lowHaving been born in high caste man thinks himself to be great and being born in low caste thinks himself to be low and pitiable; both of these states of mind are wrong because many times man has been born in high and low castes. Hence, one should not be proud of having been born in high caste and not feel low if born in low caste family.

    Greatness has nothing to do with high caste. Man becomes great because of his noble work, exemplary character and becomes loathsome because of his immorality and evil conduct. Thus, it is his conduct only that decides his greatness or lowliness. Who does not know that high family born Ravana, Kansa, Duryodhana and others are censurable; whereas Metarya muni, Harikeshi muni and others, though born in low family, are venerable.

    Then, what is the importance of high or low caste?

  15. We always talk about religion and castesim but in reality there is no any caste and religion. We all are same our blood are same.then why we believe in discrimination. God never created any caste they made simple human being.. Mentally sick people take the path of fundamentalism and spread casteism and communism. They suffer from inferiority complex and divide the society into “we” and “they”. They (belonging either to higher or lower ranked caste) have a fear in their heart that if they do not get a higher place for themselves in society, “other” people are going to exploit them and going to put them down.They don’t have believe on themselves and their own work. They have doubt own their capability. People with negative mindset suffer from inferiority complex and divide society into compartments like higher castes or lower castes.and can’t tolerate “others” progress or well-being. They cannot work hard and cannot tolerate anybody else’s achievements. These are the people with negative mindset who believe in ranking some belonging to higher castes and/or some to lower castes. They are coward and they are unable to protect themselves…

    1. Go talk to government and tell them to change cast based reservation.. I will support you if any change exist… there is different kind of descreamination like religion, finencial status and cast is one of them…we live in that country where eligibility doesn’t exist.. but cast exist then I don’t think anything will be change.. When reservation will be based on finencial basis, I will be with you..

  16. i just believe in humanity not this stupid castesim…i want to tell all lower caste people if upper caste against of reservation n some day it ll b stop then u dont need to follow this stupid religion n caste okh…whenever someone ask about ur caste just tell them u r hindu n proudly say u r also brahmin okh….castesim aise hi khatam hogi sabhi brahmin hi bano….or itne intelligent bano or smart bano ki brahmino ko bhi sharm mehsoos ho khudh par….castesim aise hi khatam hogi…jis community ko baar baar lower bola ja raha hai dalit bola ja raha agr wohi community nhi rahi t5b kisko bolenge tb number lagega…kshtriya or vaishya ka…tb pata chalega lower hona kya hota hai..jb reservation nhi toh kya bataoge kya caste hai proudly bolo hum brahmin hai..samjhe..hum hindu hai

  17. All Hindu communities in the country follow the varnashram system of Aryans and have divided the society in four castes – Kshatryas, Brahmins, Vaishyas and Shudras. Sindhis do not have such division in their society. They never followed a rigid caste system. That is why Sindhis are considered to be only businessmen. All members of the society inter-mingle with one another without any consideration of four castes of Aryans. There are no untouchables in Sindhis…..These religion and caste set up by mad and stupid people to control others not by god…who are still mentally sick they are following this castesim blindly..i must say be like all sindhi..leave these castesim and make only one hindu religion like sindhi religion dont create any caste,community and class…bcs its only give you tension and create problems for your own self..

  18. Who divided society in caste line……only stupid and mentally sick hindu..first change your thinking that all people as a human being so the system ll be change itself understood..be like sindhi religion, make one religion and killed the bloody varan system n caste system…you ll b more happiest person in this world if you all mad hindu change ur narrow minded thinking about these caste n class…Because “I believe in recognizing every human being as a human being–neither white, black, brown, or red; and when you are dealing with humanity as a family there’s no question of integration or intermarriage. It’s just one human being marrying another human being or one human being living around and with another human being.”……..if you mad n psycho fanatic hindu people dont divided the hindu religion into four castes then we dont ever faced reservation at all…..if you accepted that hindu religion divided into four category like this; brahmin hindu,kashtriya hindu,vaishya hindu,shudra hindu…..but your cheap n small brain always misbehaved with shudra people ( shudra means pure from heart n soul) they r fourth category..they got fourth rank so they r belong to lower caste n brahmin got first rank so they r belong to upper….for all fanatic ( kattar ) hindu they r other.they r not part of hindu religion..if they r not part of hindu religion then why u said that hindu religion has divided into four castes.. just accepted n say hindu religion divided into three caste okh……now shut your bloody mouth abt reservation..first change your cheapo thinking about the people because god never made any religion n caste.god just made simple human being n this world okh..

  19. You cannot put people in high and low rank the basis of religious belief and caste. But those people do this who has a problem in their mind.

    God doesn’t need Brahmin priest, god isn’t so narrow minded. god accept everyone. actually Brahmin priest needs god to make money.

  20. The brahmin community has been one of the dirty communities which has planned strategically to fool people in the name of god by generating the highest donations in the temple, doing business to fool and loot money in the name of puja, death, marriage, new home… For any occasion, there’s one puja. They charge very high prices and take away all the items after the puja. They have created prostitution in the name of devadasis. They suppress jobs and employment and welfare and equality are destroyed. they have destroyed the Indian medical system. They have killed Indian medical science like siddha vaidhyam and created ayurveda and carnatic music by destroying dravidian music. Even today they have the temples under their control. They say they don’t like untouchables, but they have always been sexually harassing low caste women.

    1. If god gave you same mind and made you same human then why you didn’t fight back ……history is full of people who fight for their own rights but you can only blame and take reservation to show that you people are hendicap….i support if government give you finencial support and do social reform but I will not support if there is descreamination of reservation on the basis of castes…there is different kind of descreamination like religion view and Social status and cast is one of them… Who can survive and take their own respect, we support them…for example britrish government ruled in India and we fought…..i don’t think that brahmin community as bad as you think… May be some of them but not all…..there is lot of Social reformer who belongs to brahmin family….you had nothing in past… who was dalit they were adiwasi and they live in jungles….i don’t think you treat well with baggers…When you talk about history… You have history which was written by someone and we have some ancient book which was written by brahmin community….. They have their own thoughts and their own ideology like every one have…. Brahmin community is not big community in India… We can not blame only them.. They made you fool and you become foolish what’s wrong with all of you like you became very intellectual to blame some one else… Every one was responcible for it…jurm sahana aur jurm karana dono gunah hai

      1. Wt is your problem psychopath yashvant dubey just bcs of u kattar hindu people dont want to get out of this caste system n dnt wanna except this we r equal n first we r human being. .only u cheap guys brain wash the other one to except the fact tht we r same n thr is only one god who made this world……my community ur community wt is this u hv mental prb go to doctor or go to hell….I think in india every single person should die who has rotten,cheap thinking like u…..hey u dnt deserve this world just die..

  21. All human-beings are equal in the eyes of God.The human-beings have only created the caste system.There are good and bad people in both high caste as well as low caste.Ultimately,what matters to God is, whether one is a good person or striving to become one, or not.

    One who thinks himself to be of a high caste is actually low. While one who thinks himself/herself to be of low caste is said to be high caste.As per the scriptures, people are known by their nature and the quality of work they perform..

  22. The Almighty Brahmin! by Khushwant Singh

    Whatever be the sphere of curiosity – literary, scientific, bureaucratic, or whatever, the Brahmin remains the top dog. Before I give details, we should bear in mind that Brahmins form no more than 3.5% of the population of our country. My statistics come from a pen friend, Brother Stanny, of St. Anne’s Church of Dhule in Maharashtra.They hold as much as 70% of government jobs. In the senior echelons of the civil service from the rank of deputy secretaries upward, out of 500 there are 310 Brahmins, i.e. 63%. Of the 26 state chief secretaries, 19 are Brahmins; of the 27 Governors and Lt. Governors 13 are Brahmins; of the 16 Supreme Court Judges, 9 are Brahmins; of the 330 judges of High Courts, 166 are Brahmins; of 140 ambassadors, 58 are Brahmins; of the total 3,300 IAS officers, 76 [per cent?] are Brahmins. Of the 508 Lok Sabha members, 190 were Brahmins; of 244 in the Rajya Sabha, 89 are Brahmins.This 3.5% of Brahmin community of India holds between 36% to 63% of all the plum jobs available in the country.

  23. My this comment to katar hindu and coward brahmin who haven’t gut to fight for their own love but strange thing is they easily fell in love with other caste girls but dont have got for fight back..

    What you are doing now is not fair.You are not giving any importance to your gal’s feelings.How can you avoid a gal whom you loved for past 4 years at this stage of your life where you need to take serious decisions?If you lack the courage to introduce the matter before your parents,then i can say you are a coward.If you are that much concerned about your parents,you could have think it earlier before you started your love.At least that gal is saved from you.But you gave her all hope,she loved you sincerly as her man and now you want your parents only.

    I am not making you sad.I know that parents are important and they are like God.But this is not at a good solution.You are keeping things hidden from everyone.You are the only son of your parents – that means their only asset for future.So cant they understand your feelings towards that gal?Initially they may be against.But you can convince them slowly.How can you close your true affair even without a single try?Go man,get ready to take some risk for your loved one.Pls dont ignore her.Its like killing her.She made her family ready for you,its your turn now.I hope things will be fine at last.

    1. What’s problem with you people if some one is not marrige with you then you have your own community to marriege.. . Why people always target to brahmin community if they don’t have strenght to survive or they understand them better to others? what will be change if some one marrige with a brahmin community… They will find their goals and this is all about your talk….pahale apne ander se hin bhawana hatao tabhi change hoga….

  24. Inter caste marriage should be encourage..bcoz if people take this step then castesim and religion based discrimination should be stop itself..we all are human being..God never created any caste and religion..even God dnt has any caste and religion…did you know that God belong to which caste and religion..then keep shut your mouth about this stupid varan system and caste system okh.. In ancient times, caste system had the seeds of liberalism. It provided the right and opportunity to get to the top from the humblest origin and earn the respect of the whole society. For example, Vashishtha, the principal of the conservative school of Brahmanism, was the son of Uravshi, a prostitute. Vishwamitra, the maker of the very Gayatri Mantra, the quintessence of the Vedic Brahmanism, was a Kshatriya. Aitreya, after whom the sacramental part of Rig-Veda is named as Aitreya Brahamana, was the son from a non-Aryan wife of a Brahman sage. Vyasa of Mahabharata fame was the son of a fish-woman and he was not ashamed of his origin. Balmiki, an untouchable according to present standards, the original author of Ramayana, is highly respected all over India..And only you can make it good or bad this inter caste marriage. Depends upon how much importance u give to these meaningless and stupid values. And how much importance u give to other people who value these meaningless things. U have to see how much u urself r attached to other people opinions. And since u r asking for opinion, it means u r attached to these meaningless things.

  25. Whenever someone’s ask you about your caste then your answer should be to them is:I am a Brahmin in knowledge,I am kshatriya in valor,I am vaishya in business,I m shudra in service.

    In the end I am just sanatam dharmi hindu and nothing else..Then say you proud to be a hindu..can u tell me onething kya knowledge sirf brahmino ke paas hi hoti hai kshritya,vaishya,shudra or other religion duffer hote hai..or valor kya kshtriya hi hote hai jb log danger mein hote hai toh kya brahmin vaishya,shudra or other religion apni raksha nhi kr skta..or business sirf vaishya hi kr sakte hai kya brahmin kshtriya shudra business nhi kr skte..or shurda hi ko servant or labour kyun kre jb work ki zarurat hoti hai toh kya brahmin kshtriya vaishya servant ban jayenge toh unko muath aa jayegyi or other religion ko kaam ki zarurat hoti hai toh har chota bada kaam kr lete hai family ko palne ke liye…or who the hell we r yeh category banane wale…kisi ko uske religion caste se judge krne wale…or forcibly kisi ko work thopne wale…insaan wohi kaam krega jis mein uska interest ho or jo kaam krne ki capabilty uss mein ho….we r the one idiot katar hindu…killed the castesim before it killed u all..

  26. Always remember one thing in ur life when u abuse any lower caste by saying dalit n chamaar then u abusing yourself n ur own religion..bcoz if u accepted that hindu religion is one n hindu religion devided into four community like:brahmin,kshatriya,vaishya,shudra…shudra means pure (pure from soul n heart)..then let me remind u fourth community also come under hindu religion they are also hindu to whom u abuse as dalit n chamaar…so you are not abusing them but abusing yourself n your own religion too..

  27. “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

    Be a nice human being is important not to have a good or high religion and caste.We need to work towards uniting the nation instead of splitting it. Work towards a society in which there will be no lower castes and no upper castes. We need to respect the way people live instead of looking at where they were born.

    Here is only two caste in the world that is BOY & GIRL

    Someone said change yourself world will change automatically ..

  28. “Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If people all over the world…would do this, it would change the earth.”

  29. @Cutie
    Superb… You are really a true human. You must be a meditator. Hatts off….i totally agree… Thanks for sharing your thoughts with d world..i am sure it will bring a positive change in people.

    1. Your views and opinions expressed in the last comment are right. But you need to know that talking about only hindu is not a good thing. There are many religions in this country. Because we know that in the present situation ,all religions and communities are living togetherYou can’t give special credit to hindu religion. yes…u can express views only about Indians.

  30. let me tell u the fact..only hindu religion started this drama n stupidity that put people into rank according to their condition n other religion like christian,sikh n islam blindly following this madness……only Buddhist n sindhi people have saved themselves from this madness bcs divide religion into caste n sub caste only create problems,jealousy n differences among your own people…i hope you all can understand my point of view..i m also hindu but i ll say whenever i find anything wrong in any religion..

  31. Already in India there are many religions people living together like: Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, christian, Buddhist n Sindhi……only hindu people started this madness n stupidity to divided hindu religion into caste n sub caste and then other religion did the same like hindu did it…….just tell me one thing what all you got to did that only stress,jealosuy, hateness violence n differences..i would rather say proud to be good human being than rather say proud to be hindu..

  32. I want to ask 1 question to all of u who are against caste reservation …but first listen to my story .. I am an sc and a dhobi … my entire generation has served u all generals by washing ur dirty clothes and earning living. MY grand mom used to wake 4 am and used to start washing clothes .then go to farm to work. Then household work and so goes the list…… she worked very hard day and night so that her next generation donot get to wash clothes . Now myfather worked with a latern plus at the same time providing helping hand in family earning . My father who studied under such condition whom u all want to compete with the top rankers of genetal. And I also agree that due to these reservation we now are living a middle class live and now we can actually think of entering into this competative world. I really thank to this syatem that today I have a gud education and atleast a laptop to write here .I really feel that when we are treated tjis way none of u question . But when some benifit is given to us u start a forum…. now some of u will say that timehas changed caste discrimination is eradicated now.. so let me make that clear that if u see news everyday that a girl has been insulted in JNU delhi , a renouned institue recently…………ok now tell me that for admission in many english medium schools why caste is asked, we dont want any reservations there? when u all are ready to accept us equal in all spheres and provide us same economic facilities then we dont want reservation. ?.I qualified in jee main in general category and got a good nit …. when I told my frnds nd family frnds abt it ,, they said that I have gotit due to reservation andnot my hard work.. u can only acceptus ur slaves .. u can neither beat that wework hark nor that we are ttalented nor reservation..

  33. Mr. Meeka,

    And those who advocate the reservation based on the caste and giving there dalil regarding the fruit and curse of past.

    Imaging the world 20 years down the line when by grace of God you will be the successful engineer and well settle in your life having good status in your friends & family and even good status in society, you also have two kids, but god forbid if by any chance one of your kid is very intelligent & at the same other is not so good (which usually happens with every family) & you start paying more attention to your weak kids In this case you are discriminating & filling the poison against each other, by paying attention only to weaker & giving the reason about being him weak, and by the time your kids are grown up to face the real new world, the intelligent have better education, better life, and so on… now also imagine that quota system purely vanished from the constitution on caste basis and being on creamy layer you will also not have the liberty to get the benefit of new quota system, then will you still give the same past story of how well settle/successful you were in life, or will you start feeling that there should be some provision so that my this kid (less intelligent)can also do well?

    Will your kid give past story about yourself? or he will try to find the changed based on the current scenario?

    Think the same and I am sure you will be able to answer yourself? about the current need of change in system…

    So the point is reservation only stand to uplift the weaker section of the society be it any religion or caste based on the current situation of the society, it should not be based on the past, when the reservation system was introduced in India it was current need during the 1950 not todays need.

  34. One more thing need to add..

    Reservation should based on class not based on caste or religion

    The membership of a caste is hereditary or by birth which is not so with a class. Caste is a closed group characterized by endogamy, while class is an open group which one automatically joins when one shares a common situation with other individuals.

  35. Reservation is basically tagging the community forever to live under the same title & people hate to live below the upper category tag.
    That is why it has become v important to make everybody equal to eliminate the tagging of every community, as it hinders the growth of country further. Nationalism should stand first for every citizen because it is the only element to lift up our nation. Be the ocean where every river meet with each other & become big. Reservation will never make one big ocean of equality. Due to this we indian only see our individual benefit which is v hazardous for our country progress. Till today even after getting the independence 68 years ago our political leaders are teaching the public to how to fight with each other to gain their benefit, I feel their soul is dead, they do not have the fear of god. In the last every one has to meet the end of life, so do the good to have good. Be honest with your soul to unite the country.

  36. Question is in India reservations implemented by taking the population statistics of 1930 year. In 1930 total population is only 27. 75 crore. But today in 2015, 123. 79 chores. So population increased by nearly 4. 5 times. But still were are following this bad reservation of 1930. Now everything changed technically, socially, economically. Once in go back to 1930, that untouched things we’re might be followed, & I think no educators, no media, no publicity. But everything changed, lot of publicity, great honour to all caste people is now available. So in my opinion I strongly oppose reservations in any manner, especially in getting government jobs & promotions. Now it is the RIGHT time to fight against this reservation system, by 1930 population statistics. I have in my academic career scored 80%. But working as clerk in govt. Bank. But my friend got 50% working as Asst. Manager cadre in another govt. Bank. Where is the JUSTICE. God given us equal MIND to every one. We have to Apply it and Use it. By the end of my article please tell to everyone that in India, 1930 population based reservations are applying which shouldn’t be implemented. I feel very bad bcuz I born in reservationed Country India. If any chance in my life, I may go to some other countries that doesn’t support reservations. But in my heart I am an Indian only.I am proud as an Indian. I love India one side. But other side hated. Sorry to say this last word. I think everyone understand me.

    1. In studies like no fee, free of cost of all books and hostel, I support reservations to help SC ST OBC. But why we allow in getting government jobs and even getting promotion process also. I have a question from my college days, if anyone may got heart attack, is he went to 90% scored doctor or 40 % scored doctor?!!!!!! So please encourage only talented ones. Then only great INDIA will come to reality.

  37. Even SC ST OBC People may have power, and doing government jobs but their children and even MLA, MP, CM, PM, even PRESIDENT children got reservations in India. Wow what a fuck of us. We are working, paying so many Taxes, the reserved caste people enjoying. If any family only one person can get this advantage, if father got employment it should be recorded in all govt. Records like in AADHAAR, then his son/daughter can’t get this advantage means reservations again. Then only this caste based reservation may be abolished slowly in 2200 year. This is the only Solution. Then only real INdependence will come. Jai hind.

  38. I just have one question from every one why we should not have reservation system?

    As all of us know that our country is divided in many caste but my question is who divided it SC/ST, no is the answer and now everybody is crying that we should not have caste system because there is no equalization in society. F**k this equalization still in our country especially in the villages or in the rural areas SC/ST are treated like a dogs, these people who does not have any means of raising there voices they are working for themselves no, go and see the conditions of villages and then talk about how much fun they are having, second thing if you talk about only rich SC/ST are having fun then i just wanna show u the mirror the general category people who are talking on this website from anywhere are also not poor or illiterate, if they were poor they could have never used this website to raise there voices. And if you guys are the voices of poor people from general category then what about the voices of poor from from SC/ST who are still used as a dog by some rich people in villages and other places and if you think i’m faking go and check the conditions in all north, east, west, and south side of our country. Brothers it is easy to say because now it is hurting to everyone but the reality is general category person will never accept a SC/ST as brother no that is never gonna happen why because we have been taught like that from our society and parents. So that is why we say Jaisi karni Wasi Bharni, aur ye too sab log mante honge kyunki India mein ghagvan ke naam per jo karvana hai wo aap karva sakte hai to kisi mahan pandit ne kaha tha that is also from general category because pandit ne kaha tha ki ghagvan ki lathi mein awaz nahi hoti aur har insan ko apne kiye ki saza issi duniya mein chukana padta hai. So our grandparents made the rules and we are following.

  39. Politicians are destroying every inch of India, creating paper money & are using it in the most corrupt way. India is fast becoming a concrete jungle with corrupt people who want Govt. jobs to keep sitting & eating. Reservation need be scrapped once for all.

  40. Most of the people don’t know the facts about reservations.

    Reservations are based on the communities % in population. IF ST has probably 10% of total population, they gets reservations about 5-6 percent.

    Open category gets more % than their population share.

    If one has to talk about equality then we have to keep 100% reservations for SC and ST for 1000 yrs and after that we can say both open and reserved categories are ready to compete on equal grounds.

    People talk about reservations in education lowers the value of education but do we really care for the quality of education when biggest population (more than 70%) groups can’t compete and get higher studies?

    When we say open category gets admission at 95% and reserved category gets admission at 70%, it only shows that the lower casts are not competent yet, because of centuries of oppression.

    Think about the rich or high educated people in reserved categories. They need the reservation coz that is ladder to reach yet higher level for there children. If not these people can reach only certain level and top most jobs are still held by 100 higher cast people!
    So simple!!

    The cast reservation system will only disappear with reserve categories having same competition as open category.

    So relax. Don’t look into others plates. You eat what you have in your plate. You have given right (in fact much more) amount of food as others. You already have deprived others for 1000’s of years of their food and they just started to eat something. Be gentlemen!!

    And yes, when a bhangi will priest, a Kshatriya don’t mind taking a job of cleaning toilets, a Brahmin doesn’t marry off his daughter to Shudra with equal education as her and you the one opposing reservations will promise to marry or encourage your kins to marry in same class but lower caste and you really successful in doing so, you have all rights to oppose the reservations.

    Just imagine how wonderful thing is Democracy!! The 70% (backward) population of India will never let the reservations go until they overgrow of the system.

    Rather than thinking of ending the reservation, which is not in your hand and which is not possible, end the reservations in marriages. Then there is higher chance of ending the reservations earlier.

      1. Thank you!

        I would also like to correct the misconception about ‘reservation is punishment for the open category people’. It is not!! It is far from that! A real punishment would be keeping them out of the education, jobs etc for at least few hundred years (compared to approx 3500 years the lower caste people were actually out of the mainstream).
        The reservation system is far from the concept of punishment to anybody. Why would the new generation suffer from the failure of the writer of Manusmriti?? The writer of Manusmriti totally failed to understand the psychology of human mind, it was great failure! Millions of people had and have to suffer because of that one failure.
        The reservation is in a way of affirmation to the neglected caste to join the mainstream.
        As I said earlier, the open category has 50% of sits for mere 20-25% population. How one can call it as a punishment?

        Another misconception-
        Many times people argue about the quality of (let’s say) doctor who has 70% marks and gets admission to the medicals. Doesn’t he or she appear for medical exams? Is the passing marks only 20 or 30% for them? Are all general caste people pass out with flying colours? Then why not bring the passing marks to 80%? If you score 40% marks and pass out, you are a doctor!
        Let’s say you got 96% in 12th and 97% in MBBS, are you going to work in corporate hospitals or government hospitals?? Who is going to serve the poor? The doctor scores 97%? And can anyone of you tell me who are the doctors who keep even the dead ( I mean literally dead!!) patients on ventilators so the corporate style hospitals can make another lac or two rupees from the relatives?? You will be really surprise if you keep tab on all the medical negligence/ cheating cases, you will find most of the upper castes doctors as culprits.
        Yet another misconception–

        If you had scored 93.5% and a 78% SC student gets admission instead of you, please realise that in any case if the open category admissions are closed at 95%, you still have no chance to get admission as there are thousands of them lining up with 94.9%!!

  41. It is very easy to fell pray to the propagandas!! Do your study on Indian social system! If the reservations are taken out, the SC/ ST/ OBC categories will out of competition in no time. The new avatar of untouchability will rise again. Brahmanvad will dominat the society again in few decades!

    BUT low caste people will not be suppressed by the name of gods and religion anymore. They will revolt since they don’t have their own policy makers, leaders and in general no hopes.

    Those who support reservations on economical grounds don’t really understand how reservations work. The cast certificate is very difficult to get, to make sure that only true people are benefited. Do you know how easy to get a BPL card? And ok, you are poor today, tomorrow you strike a lottery, you are rich. Or today you are rich and robbed tomorrow, you are very poor! Are you going to track every poor if they are still poor or rich?

    It is very illogical to compare the poors with lower casts!! A poor Bhangi is ‘less than a Human’ while a poor Brahmin who does Puja for you is more than Human!! Same economical status but different social status!! A cute cuddly smart child of a bhangi is still BHANGI!!! A ugly, stupid child of Brahmin is Brahmin!! How much of cruelty!!!!! Does anybody forced them to be poor? NO! Economical status is not by force or birth! But cast status, the unhygienic practices, the faul mouthing, the the aversion to study is embodied in the DNA due to 1000’s of years of wrong practices!!

    How the child of Bhangi can lead a life of normal human?? How he/she can make their child Equal Human as you are??…..

    The only hope is reservations!!

    Again I remind you to be true gentlemen to understand the cast system!!

  42. well said…….but i would like to say all people especially to kattar hindu because caste system strongly attached to only hindu religion and after the end of this earth it would not be stopped ..i know this well…….it will only stopped when people dont talk abt their caste..if somebody is brahmin why they boast about their caste n if somebody is bhangi or sc\st why they tell everyone about their caste bcs it’s create differences..just stop telling anyone that you are belong to high and low caste..we all are hindu live in india that’s it..trust me the differences will be ended forever…..in hindu religion there is no any category, no any division ..no one is brahmin kshatriya vaishya n shudra ……no any bhangi……simple say it we all are hindu as sindhi religion people do..

  43. I am waiting for the day when my colleagues (fellow doctors) who having availed of the facility of reservation and have attained a good position in society will declare that their children dont need reservation and should now be counted among the open category. If not a single person has the guts to declare that even after 65 years of reservations, it is a great failure as a tool for which it was intended.

    1. don’t waste your time only by posing your comment and ideas on reservation. everyone know reservation can not be rationally justified by any one.
      get united against reservation , do hesitation against reservation 1 try by peaceful hesitation way but i know the result will come not in our favour then if need is felt do even voilence in order to achieve your goal.
      and if then also result not came in favour then even burning the whole country india to whom i love too much… but the need of the time is give freedom to this country from the evil of reservation at any cost…

  44. wHoeva…thnks dat..reservation…should be dere in india..den plzx…cm n tlk wid me…n gyv me reason..coz..jese india phle thi wse h hai..reservation or witoud reservation…
    no bdlaav at ol..
    n cozz of reservations india is nt.. progressing at ol…
    no economy..at ol…IDK who thought bout dat reservations….if Any1 iz Able 2 cmpete wid meh..in dis basis..den i jst beg uh 2 cmpete wid meh..whoeva thnks dat reservations r boon..!!!

  45. misinterpreting dr ambedkars motive.. he wanted ppl to b self respected bt bcoz of reservation they r beggars nw.. reservation was only fr 10 yrs bt bcoz of vote bank govt will never gona stop this.. gen category will suffer the most..

  46. I realise this is a heated debate, but please keep the discussion civil. I’m forced to delete comments that have abusive language in it.

  47. India, a country with 1.21 billion population, second most populated after China. India is a nation which is known for its values and cultures worldwide. A nation which has provided world with precious gems like Gandhi, Aryabhatta, Ramanujan etc.

    Being born here in India, I feel great. But sometimes I question myself “Is India really that Great?” and it doesn’t take a second for me to conclude that “Yeah It is, Incredible India”. Myself being an Indian gives a great support to this conclusion. If I was American or any other countryman I could have seen the flaws in India, but sadly I am blind to see that.

    My point in the above paragraph isn’t that India is not Great, but my point is that being a loyal Indian I am blind to see its flaws. This happens with everyone of us. We Indians sometimes say “Dare not to say anything bad about India”.

    In my family there are also lots of flaws which should be removed but as being a part of it, I am so blind to see them. We General Quota people are also blind to see the truth and generally stick to what our ancestor have said. We sometimes think over Reservation System based on Caste too deeply and as soon as we starts to see something right in it, we shatter the analysis and shout in mind “These Dalits have always been below us and they should, F*#k Reservation System”.

    Before proceeding further, I would like you to put that thought aside for a while and be more Rational. We are well aware of the fact that how angry are people with Reservation System based on Caste from our day to day happening. Whenever result is announced and we see that cut off according to caste, we say “F**k these SC/STs”. I understand your pain how it feels to be in that situation. Pain, is something that we can’t measure and compare and we shouldn’t. If that Pain has to be that equal then why those SC/ST have suffered from the beginning of India. Just because they are born with that caste tag.

    Now let us look deeper into this matter and don’t be a jerk like “Oh this guy is one of them, I don’t need to listen to him”.

    Dalit woman stripped publicly
    In the Hindu caste system, Dalit status is associated with occupations regarded as ritually impure, such as leatherwork, butchering or removal of rubbish, animal carcasses and human waste. Dalits work as manual labourers cleaning streets, latrines and sewers. From the time India got its existence, these people were physically segregated from surrounding community. They could not enter a temple or a school and were required to stay out of villages.

    Like you, I too used to believe that Reservation System must be abolished and even if it has to be that Reservation should be done on economical status based i.e. poor must be getting reservation. But after analysing lots of stuffs, reading lots of articles and researching a lot (really tough job), I came to conclusion that Reservation based on Caste is Right for India in present time and to time ahead until certain situation is achieved. I will discuss that later on.

    Visit any of college and you will find approx 5-7 ST student out of 70. Now if this reservation thing is put down, there would be 0.

    It is not about reservation, it is all about jealousy. When we crave for Equality, then these people ratio should be equal right?. I mean if there are 80 students, then 20 SC, 20 ST, 20 OBC, 20 General. Now since population of community isn’t in equal proportion, so atleast there should be same percentage of SC/ST in class of 80. 22 % of indian population. Ok then, 22% of 80 = 18 approx. Right. So atleast there should be 18 of them, but it is not the case even with this Super Reservation System. Without this they would have lost existence.

    According to a 2014 report to the Ministry of Minority Affairs by Amitabh Kundu,
    44.8 % of Scheduled Tribe population in rural India was living Below Poverty Line (BPL) in 2011-12
    33.8 % of Scheduled Caste population in rural India was living Below Poverty Line (BPL) in 2011-12
    In urban areas, 27.3% ST and 21.8% SC population were below poverty.
    SC/STs form half of India’s poor population.

    Now only 55.2% of ST and 66.2% of SC are living above BPL and I think out of that only approx. 40% are in such good condition to go to school for education.

    General Quota students and candidates are clamouring for the abolishment of Reservation System. They post dreadful things on social media and comment. Now these people have just seen the half truth. They are living in urban cities where situation is not that bad. They see their Dalit colleagues getting admission to good college and themselves struggling for admission. This creates an unpleasant environment. These General Quota urban students are unaware of the reality. Let me put it to you.

    Almost half of the Dalits are primary drop-out. They couldn’t make it to higher studies. It is because that their economical status doesn’t allow them to study further. Also the discrimination done to them in school make them live a life of misery and finally they choose a way out. Among state schools, 88% discriminated against Dalit Children, while 79% required Dalit students to sit in the back of class room. In 79% of schools Dalit Children are forbidden from touching mid-day meals. They are required to sit separately during lunch hours in 35% of schools. In high schools, higher caste students are often advised not to mingle with Dalits. Now if you were at their place, what would you have done. You alone can’t fight with all, so better drop-out.

    As you can see a very few Dalits make it to higher studies, that is not the end of their suffering though. Let me ask you few questions and please answer them with full loyalty.

    Are there good number of SC/ST in your school?
    Are they really good at studies?
    Are they your friend?
    Do you share your lunch with them?
    Do you treat them as equal?

    Oh well, undoubtedly answer to all these question is “NO” with few exception of those very open minded people.

    Now you know, that Dalit guy in your class is have gone through lots of hurdles to reach here. He might have faced discrimination bravely and opted continuing study instead drop-out, he might have faced all those comments from higher class people, he might have cried at times just because he wasn’t allowed to eat together with others, he might have felt great pain of hunger while other higher castle children were being fed but he had to wait, he might have felt suffering to those cruel words “Chamar Sala”, “Chamar ki aulad”, “Bhangi Chu**ya”. In such cases with all those suffering he might have not studies well too though he might have capability.

    Wrong Mentality

    Dalit students and job seekers in metropolitan cities and large urban areas of India (having brutal majority of upper castes) are not rented residential accommodations as they are discriminated and often treated with hatred by the upper caste population of these big cities. And mostly dalit students and job seekers often have to hide their surnames to save themselves from the harassment by their upper caste landlords.

    There are very very few Dalits on Top posts in India. General people make all efforts to prevent a Dalit sitting at top of any organisation because if any dalit sit at top of organisation, these general people will have to obey him which is against their traditional views. [How can a Brahmin obey an order from Dalit].

    There have been reports of dalits being forced to eat human feces and drink urine by upper caste people. Dalit youths and teenage girls (after rape) have been burnt alive by upper caste goons in many different incidents in one instance in India, a girl was set on fire because she was receiving education. These all crimes just because they are born with title “DALIT”. These are events are not which used to happen, but these are still practised in India.

    Now after all these, If he is getting some support from govt. Is that Wrong?

    A crime against Dalits happens every 18 minutes – 3 women raped every day, 13 murdered every week, 27 atrocities every day, 6 kidnapped every week.

    Reservation System based on Caste is waiting for the day,

    When Dalits get equal respect as Brahmins get.
    When Dalits get equal living standards as rest of countrymen.
    When Equality is really practised by countrymen.
    When Someone say “I am SC/ST, and you response “Oh come on, who cares”.
    And that day, task of Reservation System will be over and even caste system will have no role to play.

    In conclusion I would say that Reservation based on Caste in Indian education system, in Jobs and different areas is not wrong. We talk of equality and merely know what it is. Reservation System is required so as to achieve Equality in all premises. Once that equality is achieved there will not be any need of it. Once everyone is treated as equal irrespective of caste creed and color, not need of reservation them. Once these SC/STs acquire good living conditions, become literate, enjoying top positions in organisations, even caste system can be dissolved.

    Only solution is that, give them respect and treat them equally and spread love.

  48. don’t waste your time only by posing your comment and ideas on reservation. everyone know reservation can not be rationally justified by any one.
    get united against reservation , do hesitation against reservation 1 try by peaceful hesitation way but i know the result will come not in our favour then if need is felt do even voilence in order to achieve your goal.
    and if then also result not came in favour then even burning the whole country india to whom i love too much… but the need of the time is give freedom to this country from the evil of reservation at any cost…

    1. You are absolutely right brother. I wish that more people would rise against reservations but the general public, media as well as the politicians are scared. Actually this reservation was to be implemented for only 50 years. We are now 18 years past the deadline and not even a single step has been taken to remove reservation. I understand that if reservation is removed suddenly, people will retaliate as many people are dependent on reservations to get them jobs rather than merit. But the government should take at least a small step against reservations.

  49. India, with all of its rich heritage is still a country where poor and uneducated people are abundant. These people belong to both upper as well as lower castes. So reservation based on caste absolutely makes no sense. I am a strong believer of the fact that people should get what they deserve. I detested the caste discrimination of the old days and I detest the present caste discrimination. In my opinion, there should be no reservation for those of lower castes, but there should be reservations for those belonging to EBC section (Economically Backward Sections). We are all educated humans in this forum. We need to leave behind the barriers of caste and religion and be true to our constitution- equality before law.

  50. point very well made @nagarajan..plus I don’t that understand reservation is for equal protection of rights..but admission at 60% and 90% has no equality at all.Help them financially but they are not mentally challenged that even after keeping reserved seats for them, they also need them at lower percentage.if there is certain percentage of seats reserved why aren’t they at the same percentage as the others. dnt the backward class people feel that they are treated like the differently abled people? do u really feel there is equality in THIS?! minority is no more minority anymore..almost alll them are at good positions, father is engineer mother is doctor n still the child needs a quota to get into IIT? you really make us feel that u feel blessed that ur ancestors suffered the pain and so you got all these pleasures.. no one else can stop this reservations but you . Otherwise there are people ready to start riots.and also people talk about people still harassed in villages and remote areas . What kinda education do they get in those areas anyways. they eventually come to the cities for higher education n jobs..they get harassed in the villages n so they come in the cities for harassing the general category people.funny eh.ik u ppl were troubled fr generations but the fact is that these reservations of 2 3 generation’s drastic economic and educational development has given you all the benefits that u would never get even by equality in those 2500 years. and why are we getting the punishment of the things done by our ancestors and u are getting the benefits for not doing anything.Man up people.set ur future on the basis of your hard work and not merely on the basis of your history. n

    1. Bhai kah lene do yahi sab kehne tak ki soch hai uski. Arre achha hai ek general jyada mehnat karta hai same job ke liye. Kam se kam bheekh toh nahi maangta. mere state mei do bhai bahen IAS pass kiye hain general hain Bhai last year PCS pass kiya tha. Arre chalne do reservation. Koi problem nahi milne do saja lekin jo milna hai, jo uske laayek hai wohi paayega..

      A brahmin

  51. Reservations should not be given based on caste. Period. This is because there are several people who are very much well-off and come from a low caste family. If we have to stop caste based discrimination we shouldn’t give reservation to lower castes as it spreads hatred among the general towards the lower caste people. If the government wants to give reservations they should give based on the annual income of the family. The government should not give better seats to people just because they are from a lower caste. It shows how much the government will do to get more votes. I hope the government will act after thinking and realise that reservations are dividing this country.

  52. Many are saying that the lower caste were humiliated for 2000 years! Its true they were and yes! reservation was essential at the beginning of the new India because the people had their old mindsets of Upper caste and Lower Caste. However , if you look at the present scenario reservation has been pain in the butt as the beneficiaries are just taking the profit to get to a place where they can earn money and this has led to lack of talent in different sectors. lets take the example of education system in India- every year entrance exams are held for different colleges and different subjects and in order to get through these exams students need to study. Here a General student has to study each and everything and go beyond his capacity and comfort in order to have some chances to get into the preferred college. On the other hand, the lower caste students have to study very less as compared to others, so less that they can attend whatever they know and like during exams and still get into the college. This isn’t helping anyone in anyway but leading to growing disparities and difference between the upper caste and lower caste. Also if one looks closely at stats and surveys he/she is bound to find out that only the rich lower caste people take the benefits of the reservation and not the real poor lower castes. And what about the upper caste people who don’t have any reservation and any benefits like that? Its time that true meaning equality be shown and benefits be given to the people who really need that is the economically backward people.

  53. Dear Sir,
    The reservation should be banned on each stage such as on Job, Admission in education institutions.These all should be banned because the good or capable persons have to left this line and they have to join the 4th cl job. So I am always in favor that this reservation should be bannedin all fields.

  54. Dear all

    I have one suggestion the Govt employees and central govt employees who are from the reservation category. Once getting salary paid by govt the entire family should be taken out of the reservation system as they have also finacially all the facility which the other upper communities have. So that the reservation system will be abolished. Now father/Mother govt employee fee subsidy for children again govt paying again reservation in educational institution again reservation for job is this required.

  55. Constitutional rules and reservation parameters in India are bloody powerful bull shit and they ruined completely general merit.

  56. Hey if u are a real defender of anti reservation reply me .You are just noticing the side which ditches u but not the one which have been faced by sc’s and st’s from the last centuries .and the reservation policy has not yet completed 80 years and the discrimination has been done with us from a hundred times of this time perion ie .80years. You are protesting against caste based reservation but u people have supported caste based discrimination.Then where was your feel of righteousness and dignity and sense of equality.and mark my words -you say that reservationis against the right of equality but for ur kind information treating equals as equals is equality but treating unequals as equals is not equality

    1. Change your attitude. Don’t get logged behind. Try to open your eyes and accept reality of present times. My forefathers might have insulted your forefathers….but I don’t. It is not a fight passed on from one generation to other. We need to think towards positive side. Why you people are defending in the way our forefathers were……? Join hands to alleviate poverty from society. Don’t propegate defensive and negative thoughts to break the society.


  58. I belongs from general caste family. Now my question is where is my fault that I born in a General caste family? Where is my fault that i am unable to qualify many competitive examinations after having more marks than other caste? where is my fault that i am unable to apply many post after having good marks?

  59. Before thinking of removing reservations, remember why it was made….

    If the reservation is removed. Again India will become that India which is need of reservation. Sc/St people will be kept again outside the city. And works like cleaning drainages, toilets, etc will give to them, untouchablity occurs. And my children or grandchildren will never go to school

  60. Wonder…….through out the world, reservations are for kids, women and senior citizens to get into buses, trains and to get cinema tickets……but, in India they are used…..to gain access to free or subsitized education, jobs and superior positions.
    Think of using only sand without cement and iron for 50 percent of foundation for your building…..the same way, India is being built……I am not talking about the caste and religion…..just the fact….what is the difference between Manudharma(as this Manudharma is being opposed by some people) and present law favouring reservations in terms of imbalance and bias.

  61. Reservations based on the proportion of population of specific caste gives wrong direction and disturbs family planning policy as one may think of increasing population to claim more reservations. Imagine the mental condition of families with more than four members, not meeting minimum comforts of life. You people, who are supporting caste based reservations……..can you heartfully say that, all people from so called upper caste are rich and comfortable? Can you say that all people using reservations are poor?
    Most of the social reformers in India …..way back to centuries to till now are from so called upper caste. Go through history once if you can. Try to change your attitude towards society. Don’t step into other’s shoes who are misguiding society for vote bank politics.

  62. Change your attitude. Don’t get logged behind. Try to open your eyes and accept reality of present times. My forefathers might have insulted your forefathers….but I don’t. It is not a fight passed on from one generation to other. We need to think towards positive side. Why you people are defending in the way our forefathers were……? Join hands to alleviate poverty from society. Don’t propegate defensive and negative thoughts to break the society.

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