Quote: Change things about you

“Unless you have the passion, unless you hate the current state of things so much, you won’t do something different” Amit Shah

This came off when discussing a new idea and when I was asked to tone down my comments made on the existing state of affairs. Thanks to the conversation with Abi.

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  1. >Well, it could not have come at a better moment. All day I have been focused on one thing… Maniratnam’s career! I want to place some milestones along the way and relish the happiness of achieving the same too…

    How I wish I had the guts to break free…. NOW!!!

  2. >I always used to say that money is to keep people who have no passions, occupied.

    When one has the passion, sees things that lies beyond money and the vision to realise it, all he needs is some nudge! I am one of those ones. And I need that nudge. ASAP! :)

    I am sure your discussion would have been a trivial one. I have no idea. But I felt like writing this! :)

    As on 6/3/07, life is nothing more than a (made believe)colorful huge Void! :D

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