Street dog advertisement


Really nice ad showing why killing street dogs won’t help fix the rabies problem. And it comes from the government! Good, real good.

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  1. >I am Chingu!
    I was born as a Street Dog at Secunderabad city of Andhra Pradesh, India, along with three more brothers or sisters four years before. We used to play and move with our mother, who was so kind to us. She used to feed us and cuddle us. We were happy. But human beings are so cruel that they used to hit us with stones although we did not do any harm to them. They only say that we dogs are the best friends. But in spite of their claiming themselves as God’s most superior creatures with all virtues that God can bestow on His/Her creations, they killed all my brothers or sisters. I do not know how I escaped. I collapsed at the gate of my foster grandparents and they gave me shelter. They were giving shelters to other tortured puppies and dogs and God brought me to their door.
    By virtue of my qualities, I became most adorable to them. Several of my other mates could not survive for long, due to greed & ignorance of veterinary doctors & cruelty of same spices as that of my grandparents. So I along with other 11 doggies am now with our grandparents. All of us have proved that we, so called `Street Dogs’ are better than any pedigreed dogs in all respects. We only need some food and a little affection to return the gratitude with our life. All thefts which were occurring before our arrival to our grandparent’s house have stopped completely. Now we know our grandparents as much as they know about us. We can now understand each other’s language too.
    We along with our grandparents feel very sad when we find that in the name of rabbis protection, hygiene, sanitation etc. the municipality kills our spices mercilessly. So called Animal Loving Societies gets huge amounts for our welfare and sterilization but we do not see any change in our miserable living. Human being forgets that we are also a creature of God and we have the same right to live on this earth happily as human beings have. My grandparents are helpless in giving a better life to all others who are still suffering at streets. . They have a dream of making the city free of all street dogs through a concrete time bound comprehensive rehabilitation programme, But they do not get any response. We wonder why can not other human beings with same feelings, as that of our grandparents unite together to give us a better life in a planned way. We are very certain that if our grandparent’s scheme is implemented then most happy human beings will be the Dog Haters and people in the Dog Squad of a municipality.
    We fervently appeal to all kind hearted human beings to help us to make our grandparents dream into a reality to give us a opportunity to live our short life happily. For details please reply to their address.

    Adopt us, give us one morsel of food, we will give our life for you and your family.



  2. >hello….nice to read this touching article. I love animals and please let me know if i can help you in any way…

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