Kicking up Storms

Much hue and cry was raised earlier this year when Sania Mirza, the #1 Indian woman tennis player, kept her feet close to the Indian flag on a table.

Michael Ballack, the captain of the German football (soccer) team, returned home from the Euro 2008 championship and does this:

What would the reaction to this in Germany be?

My take: such acts do count as disrespect towards the country flag. Anyone have other views?

(Photo credits: Times of India)

4 Replies to “Kicking up Storms”

  1. >As to Sania’s…
    I second you… but it doesn’t only disrespect country flag, but also all the people who laid down their lives so that we could live in freedom! And not to forget the soldiers who put vigil so we can sleep and dream through nights.
    I trust such behaviors stem from improper civil values embedded during formative years.
    An excuse that ‘disrespecting wasn’t my intention’ should be considered BS. You got to be aware of your actions PERIOD!
    This should be used as an opportunity to set standards for future celebrities!

    As to Michael… I can’t even speak! I’m curious, though, as to what happened next!

  2. >Fuck flags. What’s so great about India and it’s flag. There are scores of people dying in the streets, starvation, unbelievable poverty and the government does nothing. What is so great about this country? Fuck India and it’s especially it’s authoritarian government. You can’t even kiss on screen or in public. Fuck that puritanical wasteland.

  3. >What’s do disrespectful about it? I don’t get it why in most cultures showing the soles of your feet means insult.
    I also hate overly patriotic people. It makes me actually look down on these cultures.

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