A Quote, after a long time.

A few friends were having a discussion on modesty and my opinion was called for. This is what I had to say:

I don’t blow my own trumpet. Never. There are people who say things about me, though. So I feel compelled to correct them every now and then so that What They Say Is What I Am (TM).

Some people label me immodest.

update: Some background info added. In all modesty, a few people thought this post sounded arrogant and they were quick to point out that I really am not. I thought labelling this post as ‘humour’ would suffice…

5 thoughts on “Modesty”

  1. >I am not sure those people are worth the time; or even a post. IMHO, you never try to blow your trumpet; why bother?

  2. >To Beta:

    That was a joke; this was the reply I posted when someone asked me my thoughts about modesty and immodesty.

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