Japanese Tragedy

It’s a terrible tragedy that has struck Japan: first the earthquake, and then the tsunami. The earthquake shocks were handled quite well by the structures: it was a very high severity earthquake. However, the tsunami that followed later caused a lot of damage: water flooding the streets, houses floating on water, cars and ships being washed away. The most destructive effect, however, could be the

Rather than believe the media’s hype, here are a few websites that can help you track the developments at the nuclear reactors:


That is the International Atomic Energy Agency website providing updates on happenings at Japan.


That is the website by MIT’s Nuclear Science and Engineering department that’s providing updates and information on the happenings at Japan.

It’s best not to panic; the radiation levels are not high as of now but it’s safest to take precautions and help others.

PS: I’m amazed by the restraint shown by the Japanese people themselves; images show they’re swamped with water, snow and aftershocks but they’re still helping each other and there’s no looting in the streets.  Excellent! I hope we can re-get that culture in India, but it looks like we’ve moved too far away; people injured in accidents are left lying on the roads with vehicles making their way around them. Forget about taking them to the hospital, they aren’t even taken the the side of the roads.. as a visitor recently said: “Pune has lost its humanity.”

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  1. >Yes it was horrible . I was on the phone with my gf that was riding on a speedrail when the major earthquake happened. the rail stopped in the middle of nowhere and everyone had to walk back to the station .
    so bad if you think about the japanese people . they have the most people 100+ so many were lost because they could not get out of the way of the tsunami .
    Many countries around the world sent help which is so awesome even china which has been in tension with japan sent help and Pakistan also

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