FUDCon Pune 2011 F2F Meeting Minutes: 13 Oct

Names in bold have action items against them; please follow up with me / Rahul on progress.

From http://openetherpad.org/ep/pad/view/fudcon-pune-planning/8hnDjIyKnH

13 Oct 2011

Attendees: Amit Shah, Rahul Sundaram, Kashyap Chamarthy, PJP, Saleem Ansari, Shakthi Kannan, Anurag Patel, Satya, Murty, Shreyank, Ramki

  • Design
    • Add COEP, Red Hat logos to banners before printing
    • Suchakra on it
  • Booklet
    • Ankur Sinha on it
    • Welcome letter from Jared received
    • Aiming for completion by this weekend (Oct 16)
  • Call for localisations — translations of blog posts?
  • Website – Saleem
    • Upgrade tier on hosting – site gets unavailable often
    • To blog about new site and registration / talk submisison there.
  • Catering
    • the places for stalls are identified within COEP campus
    • cucoon requested for an extra room to keep the MRP items as they called them, they don’t want to carry things back and forth for 3 days
    • Cucoon wants to setup Staellite Kitchen
      • For heating food
    • TODO: send them a final menu
      • PJP to do this ASAP
    • Setup Coupons for Speaker Lunches
      • Another item for printing


  •  Wifi and power supply at COEP – Shreyank
    • the only power points the audi has are near the stage
    • and they have only 2 wifi access points in there.. so they say at max 30 people can be accommodated
    • wifi repeaters/routers — 30K ~ cost — Get back to this.
    • the rooms mostly have power points on both sides. Though we’ll need the longer extension cords along with the power strips — We have 14
    • 15 amps junction box — Mr. Murthy will take a look at it on Saturday.
  • Inauguration ceremony
    • Some traditional welcome and opening for the event
    • Talk from the director
    • Begins at 8
  • TODO on staurday at COEP
    • Electricity checks – Shrink + Murty
    • Wifi Router/ Repeater checks — Ensure things are working
      • Shrink: ensure there’s a wifi signal in the rooms we will be allotted.  This makes sure we only need repeaters / signal boosters or if we need to add routers too.
    • Identify banner sites and sizes to be printed depending on the locations. – Rahul
    • Posters need to be put around the campus
    • Check for viability and setup place for satellite kitchen – PJP + Murty
    • Meet Volunteer team; get them all together once for briefing – pick a suitable time – Rahul
  • FUDPub
    • Need to arrange commute for people from COEP -> FUDPub
    • Anurag handling FUDPub at venue
    • Volunteer team from COEP to be prepped on handling outflow of people from COEP to FUDPub venue.
      • Satya to talk to volunteer team about this
  • Tshirt
    • 15 OCT — A sample tshirt will be provided.
  • Travel
    • Rahul will send spreadsheet info to Murthy w/ details of international people and their travel schedule.
    • Murty will arrange for cabs for Mumbai-Pune (and back) travel
  • General Volunteer team meeting
    • This saturday — 15 OCT 2011
  • Fedora Mirror Setup
    • F15, F16, Rawhide trees are synced
    • Saturday(15-OCT) — to check 
    • Kashyap to work w/ Rahul
  • Talks
  • As we approach final stages, we should have a draft talk schedule ready to avoid last-minute hiccups
    • Should be ready about 10 days before event
  • Coupons for ‘Lunch – day 1’, ‘Lunch – day 2’, ‘Tshirt’, ‘Swag’ printed and given to participants
    • Still under discussion for best way to do this
  • F16 release too late to produce media; instead have a computer do isotousb conversions for participants
  • countdown timer for blogs?
    • Saleem + Rahul to look at this.
  • Swag
    • Lanyard
      • ₹12 per piece from Venus traders
      • Delivered.
    • Mugs
      • Kushal to get quotes
    • Buttons
      • Kushal to pick logo
  • Registration desk – Satya
    • users need to register during FUDcon
    • Printer, power, laptop, papers and volunteers required for registration desk
    • need to have coupons for ‘lunch’, ‘swag’, etc.

  • FAD – Shakthi
  • Videographing
    • No progress — will drop this.

Deadlines, budgets:


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