FUDCon Pune Planning F2F Minutes: 4 Oct 2011


 4 Oct 2011
 Attendees: Amit Shah, Rahul Sundaram, Kashyap Chamarthy, PJP, Saleem Ansari, Shakthi Kannan, Anurag

  • Catering
    • Quotation is for min. 150 people; budget is for 100 people sponsored
      • This won’t result in a min. payment to the vendor; just an estimate for the vendors to get appropriate amount of food
    • Division of veg/non-veg boxes?
      • Suggestion to caterer for veg box + additional non-veg item for people who need it
        • Will be clarified in Monday’s meeting
    • Meeting with cocoon on Monday – PJP
      • All questions to be addressed then
    • Confirm with COEP about stalls at the FAD
  • FUDPub
    • Vendors (place + food) to be notified of day change: Sat instead of Sun
      • At Monday’s meeting
    • To confirm with some new vendor for beer on Friday
  • Update on Tshirts
    • Order placed today; to be delivered by 25th Oct
    • Vendor selected: Cavaal Clothing
  • Vertical banner design
    • Suchakra to create this weekend.
    • Generic Fedora design is ready (can be used for other events)
  • Rahul put up speaker guidelines on the wiki
  • As we approach final stages, we should have a draft talk schedule ready to avoid last-minute hiccups
  • Coupons for ‘Lunch – day 1’, ‘Lunch – day 2’, ‘Tshirt’, ‘Swag’ printed and given to participants
    • Still under discussion for best way to do this
  • F16 release too late to produce media; instead have a computer do isotousb conversions for participants
  • countdown timer for blogs?
    • Saleem + Rahul to look at this.
  • Fedora Mirror
    • Kashayp got the Fedora trees (15, 16, Updates, Rawhide — i386, x86_64 archs) on a hard disk.
  • Comm. with participants
    • flights
      • locals – two not booked
      • foreign – 3 out of 9 booked; Harish decided to book others. waiting on passport info.
    • Satya handling all other stuff, well on track.
  • Swag
    • Lanyard
      • ₹12 per piece from Venus traders
      • To place order on 4th Oct for 500 pieces- PJP
        • Delivery in a week
    • Mugs
      • Kushal to get quotes
    • Buttons
      • Kushal to pick logo
  • Website Info
  • Registration 
    • users need to register during FUDcon
    • Printer, power, laptop, papers and volunteers required for registration desk
    • need to have coupons for ‘lunch’, ‘swag’, etc.
  • FAD – Shakthi
    • Two FADs now scheduled
    • 1st on 24th Sep at RH officedone
    • 2nd run on 8th of October at COEP
      • https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD_Pune_2011
      • Check power sockets
        • Should get a big 15A power points; connection should be from COEP mains
        • Get 3-4 of the 15A ones
        • Get 10-15 smaller ones
      • Test Internet Bandwidth
      • Mic, Projectors for classrooms
      • Fedora Mirror
      • Issue a ‘call for routers’ – more routers the better to ensure connectivity
      • Test-run of the COD — registration, QR code, etc.
      • Identify student volunteers and get their numbers.
      • Handy cams for recording
      • Restrooms locations
      • Speakers loungue
      • Place to store speakers food boxes,  100 of them
      • Consult with law enforcement authorities if necessary
      • Check with COEP for putting up stalls for catering
      • Check for FOSS stalls as well
      • Try out Fedora multi-live-usb for transferring live iso to multiple usb sticks – Rahul has details.
  • Videographing
    • Ramki to follow up – updates next week.
  • Infrastructure
    • Power strips — 10 units, need to buy.

Deadlines, budgets:

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