My talk at the CentOS Dojo Pune 2014

I spoke at the CentOS Dojo in Pune yesterday on new features available in CentOS release 7.0 since the 6 release.  Slides are available here: What’s New in Virtualization.  The event was organized by the Pune GNU/Linux Users Group (PLUG) for the CentOS project.

My talk was scheduled as the last talk of the day.  I was already quite tired by the time the talk started, and was totally exhausted when it finished.

There were about 30 people attending, with some of them having already used KVM.  There were quite a few questions related to KVM and how it compares to other hypervisors, and about features supported by KVM.  I was happy with the interaction, as well as the questions I received.  It showed a nice interest towards virtualization and KVM.

Also nice to see that some were using virt-manager, oVirt, etc., already.  I couldn’t always answer everything related to the higher levels, but pointed people at bugzilla for bugs and the mailing lists for questions.

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    1. Thanks for mentioning it! I had actually thought of Boxes while preparing for my talk (in my mind); but it slipped while preparing the slides.

  1. hey amit, I liked your talk on KVM and wanted to say thanks for sharing the Slides, they are quite informative and nicely made.

    Appreciate it…!!

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