Fedora Activity Day: Security I

Last Saturday a few of us gathered to work on Fedora Security.  This FAD (Fedora Activity Day) was the second in recent times held in Pune, after the testing FAD held in August.

Security FAD

The goal of the FAD was to get introduced to the newly-formed Fedora Security Team, pick up a few bug reports that were tagged as security-relevant bug reports, and triage them.  Fixing the bugs wasn’t part of the agenda, as actually pushing package updates needs one to be a provenpackager or the maintainer of the package.

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KVM Forum 2014

It’s been a couple of weeks that I’ve returned from Düsseldorf, Germany, after attending the seventh KVM Forum; an event where developers and users of the Linux virtualization technology gather to discuss the state of the hypervisor and tools around it, and brainstorm on future plans. As with the previous few years, the event was co-located with LinuxCon Europe.


A few observations from the event, in random order:

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KVM Forum 2014 Schedule

The 2014 edition of KVM Forum is less than a week away.  The schedule of the talks is available at this location.  Use this link to add the schedule to your calendar.  A few slides have already been uploaded for some of the talks.

As with last year, we’ll live-stream and record all talks, keep an eye on the wiki page for details.

One notable observation about the schedule is that it’s much relaxed from the last few years, and there are far fewer talks in parallel this time around.  There’s a lot of time for interaction / networking / socializing.  If you’re in Dusseldorf next week, please come by and say ‘hello!’

OpenStack Pune Meetup

I participated in the OpenStack Meetup at the Red Hat Pune office a few weekends ago.  I have been too caught up on the lower-level KVM/QEMU layers of the virt stack, and know there aren’t too many people involved in those layers in Pune (or even India); and was curious to learn more about OpenStack and also find out more about the OpenStack community in Pune.  The event was on a Saturday, which means sacrificing one day of rest and relaxation – but I went along because curiousity got the better of me.

This was a small, informal event where we had a few talks and several hallway discussions.  Praveen has already blogged about his experiences, here are my notes about the meetup.

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Virtualization at the Linux Plumbers Conference 2012

The 2012 edition of the Linux Plumbers Conference concluded recently.  I was there, running the virtualization microconference.  The format of LPC sessions is to have discussions around current as well as future projects.  The key words are ‘discussion’ (not talks — slides are optional!) and ‘current’ and ‘future’ projects — not discussing work that’s already done; rather discussing unsolved problems or new ideas.  LPC is a great platform for getting people involved in various subsystems across the entire OS stack in one place, so any sticky problems tend to get resolved by discussing issues face-to-face.

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My opensource.com Article on FUDCon Pune 2011

My article on FUDCon Pune 2011 appeared on opensource.com last week:


Apparently my initial submission was about 3x longer than the average article on opensource.com.  I’ve covered events running up to the conference on this blog, and with the osdc article, I’ve covered the conf as well.  There still might be a few things left which I’ll post about here in the coming days.

FUDCon Pune Day -1

Things had been going on smoothly so far: banners, posters and booklets had arrived, wireless routers had arrived, the guys in charge of adding power outlets to the venue were going to arrive on time.

Jared Smith, Joerg Simon and Robert Scheck were already in Pune that day and we hosted them at the Red Hat office after lunch.

However, with just one day left for the conference, a little amount of panic set in.

We had planned to go to COEP and register the volunteers to minimise the rush on the registration counters on the first day, and also to have a brief chat with the volunteers on how the event would proceed.  However, we were informed the students had classes till 1730 that day.  Also, the t-shirts would have to be kept on the other side of the campus (across the road) on the 3rd floor of the building (which doesn’t have an elevator).  Lugging the huge T-shirt boxes isn’t something we wanted to burden anyone with, so we decided not to do the distribution / registration that day, but call the students earlier on the 1st day.  We decided on meeting at 0730 hours to register the volunteers on day 1.  Satya, who was in contact with the volunteers, conveyed all these messages across.

However, I sensed a bit of agitation in Satya’s voice.  Looks like she had been in touch with all the speakers landing in, and they were landing all through the night.  She was then also co-ordinating with the cabs to get them to Pune (for those coming in from Mumbai).  Some speakers missed their flights, some chose to hang around in Mumbai and shop around.  Getting in touch with these folks became difficult, and with the cab drivers asking for details from Satya, it was clear to see what she had gone through: no sleep, and working overtime to figure out if everyone is safe and sound and coming in properly.

She wasn’t complaining, but definitely there was something wrong.  She had too much to do on her plate.  I’m not sure how that happened; we had delegated most of the stuff to people, but Satya somehow got caught up with volunteers, registration desk and hospitality.  And all of these things got pretty active in the final days.  We’ll have to keep that in mind for the next time.  Satya’s been a great sport, though, and she’s ensured people got in and out of Pune on time.

A note to speakers and those whom we approved travel sponsorship for: please help us help you.  Keep a phone handy and call us immediately in case of any change of plans (or delays).  Please respond to all emails we send out asking for information and call us the moment something unexpected happens.  Helps maintain everyone’s sanity!

Back to the action: while Prasad (PJP), Shreyank and Kashyap went ahead to the venue to set up banners, power outlets and wireless routers, the rest of us stayed back at the office, started the registration session for Red Hat speakers and attendees, handing out their badges.  Things weren’t too smooth for the folks who went to the venue, either.  Power had failed and they couldn’t test the wireless capabilities.  The electricians adding power outlets could go on doing their work using mobile phone flash lights, though.  It took a good hour and a half for the power to be restored.  We worried if the event could go on without glitches…

Gearing Up for FUDCon Pune 2011: Day -2

We’re in the final stages now, and things are mostly in place:

  • Website: http://fudcon.in working fine
  • People have started arriving, cabs booked for all coming via Mumbai
    • A couple of them missed their flights, but they’re on their way with a new schedule
  • Posters, booklet, banners printed
  • Budget is under control
  • Videographing set up (but will only be available for one room)
  • Hotel and Guest House rooms ready for speakers coming in
  • Lunch and FUDPub menus finalised

And we have an overwhelming response for the conference:

  • About 50 speakers
  • About 60 sessions (talks, demos, workshops, hackfests)
  • Almost 500 registered attendees
  • About 40 volunteers from COEP

Looks like this FUDCon is set to be the biggest in terms of attendance. We’ve had to propose a draft schedule to avoid confusion with such a huge crowd. The schedule’s put up at  http://fudcon.in/program/fudcon_schedule.

What’s left?

  • Adding power extension boards for classrooms and auditorium — scheduled for tomorrow afternoon
  • Checking wifi access at venue.  We have rented a few routers to boost their signals if needed (we think they’ll be needed)
  • Setting up banners around the campus — tomorrow, after classes

Hmm, amidst all this, I have to find time to ready my slides and prepre for my talks. /me runs to get it done.

FUDCon Pune 2011 F2F Meeting Minutes: 13 Oct

Names in bold have action items against them; please follow up with me / Rahul on progress.

From http://openetherpad.org/ep/pad/view/fudcon-pune-planning/8hnDjIyKnH

13 Oct 2011

Attendees: Amit Shah, Rahul Sundaram, Kashyap Chamarthy, PJP, Saleem Ansari, Shakthi Kannan, Anurag Patel, Satya, Murty, Shreyank, Ramki

  • Design
    • Add COEP, Red Hat logos to banners before printing
    • Suchakra on it
  • Booklet
    • Ankur Sinha on it
    • Welcome letter from Jared received
    • Aiming for completion by this weekend (Oct 16)
  • Call for localisations — translations of blog posts?
  • Website – Saleem
    • Upgrade tier on hosting – site gets unavailable often
    • To blog about new site and registration / talk submisison there.
  • Catering
    • the places for stalls are identified within COEP campus
    • cucoon requested for an extra room to keep the MRP items as they called them, they don’t want to carry things back and forth for 3 days
    • Cucoon wants to setup Staellite Kitchen
      • For heating food
    • TODO: send them a final menu
      • PJP to do this ASAP
    • Setup Coupons for Speaker Lunches
      • Another item for printing


  •  Wifi and power supply at COEP – Shreyank
    • the only power points the audi has are near the stage
    • and they have only 2 wifi access points in there.. so they say at max 30 people can be accommodated
    • wifi repeaters/routers — 30K ~ cost — Get back to this.
    • the rooms mostly have power points on both sides. Though we’ll need the longer extension cords along with the power strips — We have 14
    • 15 amps junction box — Mr. Murthy will take a look at it on Saturday.
  • Inauguration ceremony
    • Some traditional welcome and opening for the event
    • Talk from the director
    • Begins at 8
  • TODO on staurday at COEP
    • Electricity checks – Shrink + Murty
    • Wifi Router/ Repeater checks — Ensure things are working
      • Shrink: ensure there’s a wifi signal in the rooms we will be allotted.  This makes sure we only need repeaters / signal boosters or if we need to add routers too.
    • Identify banner sites and sizes to be printed depending on the locations. – Rahul
    • Posters need to be put around the campus
    • Check for viability and setup place for satellite kitchen – PJP + Murty
    • Meet Volunteer team; get them all together once for briefing – pick a suitable time – Rahul
  • FUDPub
    • Need to arrange commute for people from COEP -> FUDPub
    • Anurag handling FUDPub at venue
    • Volunteer team from COEP to be prepped on handling outflow of people from COEP to FUDPub venue.
      • Satya to talk to volunteer team about this
  • Tshirt
    • 15 OCT — A sample tshirt will be provided.
  • Travel
    • Rahul will send spreadsheet info to Murthy w/ details of international people and their travel schedule.
    • Murty will arrange for cabs for Mumbai-Pune (and back) travel
  • General Volunteer team meeting
    • This saturday — 15 OCT 2011
  • Fedora Mirror Setup
    • F15, F16, Rawhide trees are synced
    • Saturday(15-OCT) — to check 
    • Kashyap to work w/ Rahul
  • Talks
  • As we approach final stages, we should have a draft talk schedule ready to avoid last-minute hiccups
    • Should be ready about 10 days before event
  • Coupons for ‘Lunch – day 1’, ‘Lunch – day 2’, ‘Tshirt’, ‘Swag’ printed and given to participants
    • Still under discussion for best way to do this
  • F16 release too late to produce media; instead have a computer do isotousb conversions for participants
  • countdown timer for blogs?
    • Saleem + Rahul to look at this.
  • Swag
    • Lanyard
      • ₹12 per piece from Venus traders
      • Delivered.
    • Mugs
      • Kushal to get quotes
    • Buttons
      • Kushal to pick logo
  • Registration desk – Satya
    • users need to register during FUDcon
    • Printer, power, laptop, papers and volunteers required for registration desk
    • need to have coupons for ‘lunch’, ‘swag’, etc.

  • FAD – Shakthi
  • Videographing
    • No progress — will drop this.

Deadlines, budgets: